BPI Express Online Balance Inquiry 2019

Do you want to know how to check BPI Express Online Balance Inquiry to know your current balance?

If you are a BPI client, I’m sure one of the things you do on a regular basis is to check your account balance.

You often do this during pay day or when you are expecting a remittance either local or international. READ MORE

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BPI Online Banking: What’s New with BPI Online Beta

bpi online beta

BPI Online Banking has made it easier for BPI clients to do their banking transactions without having to go to the BPI branch.

With BPI Online banking, it is now easier to view our account and check our BPI account balance online anytime and anywhere.

If you’re still feeling skeptic or uncomfortable about BPI Online Banking, this article is for you. READ MORE

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Urgent Hiring: Factory Workers in Taiwan 2019


Do you want to work as a Factory Worker in Taiwan?

Do you have the skills required and are you willing to be trained?

If yes, this is your chance to apply. And you must act fast.

Taiwan needs hundreds of Factory Workers to work for various companies and establishments in different parts of Taiwan.

Check out the list of POEA licensed agencies below that are currently hiring Factory Workers in Taiwan. Please inquire and apply directly at the agency. READ MORE

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How to Apply for PhilHealth ID and What are the Benefits


Having a PhilHealth ID makes it easier and faster to transact with PhilHealth especially if you need to file a claim or avail of benefits.

It is equally important as getting a Philhealth MDR or Member Data Record, although, you can file claims even with MDR alone.

Why wouldn’t you get a PhilHealth ID anyway? READ MORE

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How to Get PhilHealth MDR Online (Member Data Record)


PhilHealth Member Data Record or MDR is one of the most important requirements when availing PhilHealth benefits.

PhilHealth MDR contains the member and beneficiary’s personal and/or employment information.

In short, the hospital or medical facility where you want to avail or apply for PhilHealth benefits would ask you to submit your MDR to know if you are really a member or a beneficiary of PhilHealth and if you are qualified to receive PhilHealth benefits. READ MORE

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PhilHealth Branches in Manila, in Malls, and PhilHealth Express

philhealth office

PhilHealth branches are among the busiest government agencies in the Philippines.

Many Filipinos flock to PhilHealth branches and offices to apply for membership, pay contributions, and file or avail PhilHealth benefits.

Because of this, expect that when you visit any PhilHealth branch, there will be a lot of other members who are also doing their transactions with PhilHealth. READ MORE

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Complete List of Free TESDA Online Courses 2019


Most TESDA Students who have successfully completed TESDA courses are most likely to find a job easily.

In fact, according to TESDA, 7 out 10 of their graduates find a job easily and 9 out 10 employers are satisfied with their performance.

If you want to learn a new skill or hone the skill that you already have, or if you are planning to work abroad but you need more training and get a national certificate to increase your chances of getting hired, taking a TESDA course could be a good opportunity for you. READ MORE

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