How to Get PhilHealth MDR Online (Member Data Record)


PhilHealth Member Data Record or MDR is one of the most important requirements when availing PhilHealth benefits.

PhilHealth MDR contains the member and beneficiary’s personal and/or employment information.

In short, the hospital or medical facility where you want to avail or apply for PhilHealth benefits would ask you to submit your MDR to know if you are really a member or a beneficiary of PhilHealth and if you are qualified to receive PhilHealth benefits. READ MORE

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PhilHealth Branches in Manila, in Malls, and PhilHealth Express

philhealth office

PhilHealth branches are among the busiest government agencies in the Philippines.

Many Filipinos flock to PhilHealth branches and offices to apply for membership, pay contributions, and file or avail PhilHealth benefits.

Because of this, expect that when you visit any PhilHealth branch, there will be a lot of other members who are also doing their transactions with PhilHealth. READ MORE

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Complete List of Free TESDA Online Courses 2019


Most TESDA Students who have successfully completed TESDA courses are most likely to find a job easily.

In fact, according to TESDA, 7 out 10 of their graduates find a job easily and 9 out 10 employers are satisfied with their performance.

If you want to learn a new skill or hone the skill that you already have, or if you are planning to work abroad but you need more training and get a national certificate to increase your chances of getting hired, taking a TESDA course could be a good opportunity for you. READ MORE

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Complete List of TESDA Courses 2019


Are you interested in enrolling TESDA courses this year?

Most TESDA graduates get hired after they finish their TESDA courses and training.

If you have been looking for a job or you want to develop or improve your skills, enrolling in TESDA might be the best option for you.

TESDA offers various courses in different categories. READ MORE

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Postal ID Requirements and Application 2019 (Complete Guide)


Are you interested in getting a Postal ID?

Do you know that the new Postal ID is now considered as a valid ID and is widely accepted in various establishments and government offices?

Well, yes it is. That’s why many Filipinos get their own Postal ID to have a valid ID that they could present or submit when applying for a bank account or when dealing with government agencies. READ MORE

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Pag IBIG Foreclosed Properties – September 2019


Haven’t found that dream home yet?

Check out the latest list of Pag-IBIG Fund foreclosed properties this September 2019.

Who knows, you might be able to find the house that you’ve long been waiting for.

Why Buy Pag IBIG Foreclosed Properties? 

Buying foreclosed properties allow you to purchase a house and lot, condo unit or even just a lot, at a much cheaper price. READ MORE

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Pag IBIG Foreclosed Properties – July 2019


If you’re planning to buy your own property, a house and lot, or just a lot, or a condominium unit, this is your chance to find great deals through the auction.

Pag IBIG Fund offers foreclosed properties with discount and without discount. It’s up to you to choose which of the available schedules you’re available to attend so you could join the auction. READ MORE

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