PhilHealth Branches in Manila and in Malls


PhilHealth branches are among the busiest government agencies in the Philippines.

Many Filipinos flock to PhilHealth branches and offices to apply for membership, pay contributions, and file or avail PhilHealth benefits.

Because of this, expect that when you visit any PhilHealth branch, there will be a lot of other members who are also doing their transactions with PhilHealth. READ MORE

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Pag IBIG Branches in Manila (Pag-IBIG Fund Offices)


Are you planning to visit a Pag IBIG branch in Manila and you don’t know where to go or which branch is near your area?

It’s always best to do your research first rather than going out immediately without a plan especially when you’re going to visit a government office.

As most of us know, most, if not all government agency offices or branches in Manila are always full and when you go there late, it’s either you don’t make it to their cut-off time or you’ll have to wait hours before you can finally do your transaction. READ MORE

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Pag-IBIG Foreclosed Properties – December 2018


Is owning a house and lot part of your wish list this Christmas?

Why not? If you have saved enough and you really want to have a house of your own, you deserve it.

If you have limited budget, you can check out available foreclosed properties that are much affordable. Who knows, you might be able to find your dream house without having to spend too much money. READ MORE

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BPI Credit Card Promo 2018-2019: Free Jollibee Treats and Toys


The most awaited BPI credit card promo is back with Free Jollibee Treats and Toys.  What a fun way to celebrate the yuletide season!

My family have been enjoying these free treats from Jollibee for several years now. Thanks to my BPI credit card.

Aside from having a trusted credit card that I can use for my needs, getting these freebies is one of the reasons why I love BPI and why I remain a loyal BPI credit cardholder. READ MORE

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20% Discount in Restaurants for Single/Solo Parents in Quezon City


It is no joke to be a single or solo parent.

I personally salute all the single parents out there who do everything they can just to support and give the best for their children.

That’s why I was very happy when I heard that the Quezon City Council has approved on its second reading the proposed ordinance to grant: READ MORE

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How to Get PhilHealth MDR Online (Member Data Record)


PhilHealth Member Data Record or MDR is one of the most important requirements when availing PhilHealth benefits.

PhilHealth MDR contains the member and beneficiary’s personal and/or employment information.

In short, the hospital or medical facility where you want to avail or apply for PhilHealth benefits would ask you to submit your PhilHealth MDR to know if you are really a member or a beneficiary of PhilHealth and if you are qualified to receive PhilHealth benefits. READ MORE

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What’s NEW with the Expanded Maternity Leave Bill


I have been waiting for this and you or someone close to you have probably been waiting for this too!

Yes, finally, the final version of the Expanded Maternity Leave Bill has been approved by the representatives of the Senate and House of Representatives (HOR) in the Bicameral Conference Committee on October 1, 2018. READ MORE

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