Abundance Beyond Money: Tips for Celebrating the Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is all about celebrating abundance, and while money is certainly one form of abundance, it’s not the only one. Abundance can be seen in the many relationships we have with people, in the experiences we are able to enjoy, and in our own sense of joy and contentment.

Here are some tips for how to tap into a feeling of abundance even without more money.


Start by cultivating relationships with people who bring out the best in you. Surround yourself with family or friends who make you feel enriched, loved, supported, and inspired. Celebrate meaningful connections over material possessions – lean into conversations that allow you to be seen and heard authentically.


Focus on gratitude for what you do have rather than longing for what you don’t yet possess. Give thanks for all the goodness already present in your life – appreciate the little things like listening to music, breathing fresh air, enjoying a beautiful sunset – anything that brings joy and contentment.


Create a space where you can practice mindfulness and self-care practices such as yoga or meditation. Connecting with our breath lets us step away from any feelings of scarcity and instead find moments of stillness where we can truly appreciate all that we have been blessed with.


Find joy through creativity by engaging in activities such as writing or artmaking which can help to express emotions and foster a sense of inner satisfaction. Allow yourself time to explore new interests or hobbies – take classes to learn something new; plan trips within budget constraints; cook delicious meals without breaking the bank; try out different styles of exercise that don’t require expensive equipment; take part in community activities such as volunteering your time or skillset.

These strategies will help remind us that abundance is not just about having money but also appreciating our many blessings in life – both large and small – which ultimately bring us closer to true wealth: a richness of love, joy, peace, connection, fulfillment and passion.

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