The Simplest Guide on How to Fix ABS-CBN TV Plus No Signal Issue

ABC-CBN TV Plus has helped us save hundreds to thousands of money because ever since we had it, we never had to pay ₱500 for our cable’s monthly bill. It was indeed a huge savings for us.

We’ve been using ABS-CBN TV Plus for almost 5 years now and we’re happy with it. We don’t watch TV that often, but when we do, the channels that are available are good and clear enough to let us watch the latest news and select TV programs.

Sometimes, we encounter issues with the TV Plus like having no signal, but it’s not a big deal because it’s very easy to fix.

In this article, I’ll share with you some of the issues that you might encounter with your ABS-CBN TV Plus and the steps to fix it.

Issue 1: No Signal or Blank Screen

If your TV Plus shows No Signal or with just a blank screen, here are some steps on how to fix it.

Step 1

Check if the cable that connects your ABS-CBN TV Plus black box to your TV is plugged in properly.

Step 2

Turn on both your TV and the TV Plus black box.

Step 3

Using the remote of your TV, press the Source button.

Choose the cable that your TV plus black box is currently using. It can be AV, HDMI or any of the options under Input Source.

If one option doesn’t work, try another option until you see something on the screen.


Issue 2: No Kapamilya Channels

Step 1

Using your ABS-CBN TV Plus remote, press the MENU button.

Step 2

Select SETTINGS from the menu (highlighted in yellow below).


Step 3

Select INSTALLATION, then Factory Default.


Step 4

Enter the PASSWORD, which is 0000, then click YES to confirm reset.

Step 5

Go back to the INSTALLATION menu again, then select MANUAL SEARCH.

Set the FREQUENCY to 647143, then press the OK button to scan.


Location Frequency

The location frequency differs from one place to another. If you live outside Metro Manila, please refer to the applicable location frequency below:

ABS-CBN Manila 647143
ABS-CBN Baguio 587143
ABS-CBN Central Luzon 533143
ABS-CBN Iloilo 611143
ABS-CBN Negros Occidental 611143
ABS-CBN Cebu 611143
ABS-CBN Cagayan De Oro 533143
ABS-CBN Davao 521.143

Step 6

Click the EXIT button once the SCAN is 100% completed.

Issue 3: Missing Channels on TV Plus

Step 1



Wait till it the scan is 100% completed, which may take 2-3 minutes, then press EXIT.

The missing channels should show up after doing Auto Search.

If you still have issues with your ABS-CBN TV Plus after doing these steps, then you may contact the ABS-CBN TV Plus hotline:

  • 488-8888 (Landline)
  • 23661(TEXT)
  • (Email)

ABS-CBN TV Plus is really an inexpensive way to watch TV programs like local news and movies. But you have to remember, that the channels are only limited and you might encounter some signal issues depending on your location.

Nonetheless, TV Plus is still a good device to use and you can purchase it for as low as ₱1,500 in Lazada and save a few hundreds from your monthly bills.

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