OFW Job Hiring: Job Vacancies for Canada (Updated 2018)


Are you looking for job opportunities in Canada?

Canada is one of the favorite job destinations of many Filipinos because it’s a beautiful country and the salary is way way higher than in other countries.

If you are considering to work abroad particularly in Canada, here are the available jobs that you may want to apply for provided you have the skills and experienced required: READ MORE

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How to Apply for Citibank Credit Card in the Philippines (plus my REVIEW)


Are you tired of asking your friend or family member to swipe her Citibank Credit Card for your purchases?

Do you want to have your own and enjoy the benefits and convenience of having a Citibank Credit Card?

If your answer is yes, then it’s the perfect time for you to APPLY for your own Citibank Credit Card! READ MORE

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What is Paternity Leave and Who can avail it?


Some dads have been asking if they also have a set of paternity benefits like what qualified pregnant moms do.

In the Philippines, there is what we call paternity leave but the benefit the dads get are very limited compared to what maternity benefits offer.

So, what exactly is paternity leave and what benefits does it offer? First, let us know about the Paternity Leave Act. READ MORE

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How to Apply for a Solo Parent ID and What are the Solo Parent Benefits


Do you know that there are more than 20 million solo parents in the Philippines?

It’s surprising to know that a family-oriented country has so many solo parents. We salute all the solo parents out there who do everything to provide and care for their family especially their children so much that they sometimes have to sacrifice their own happiness and personal needs just to give the best to them. READ MORE

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7 Simple Steps for Pag Ibig Online Registration 2018

pag ibig online services

Do you want to be a member of Pag IBIG Fund?

Well, that’s a good idea! Pag IBIG Fund will not only help you save funds for the future, it can also help you when the time comes that you decide to purchase your own house.

And what’s good about our technology right now is that Pag IBIG membership registration can now be done online. Meaning, you don’t need to go to the Pag IBIG branch anymore. READ MORE

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Your Easy Guide to Pag IBIG Membership Registration with List of Requirements


You have probably heard of the benefits that Pag-IBIG members have been able to avail of like Pag-IBIG housing loan and salary loan, and now you are interested in becoming a Pag-IBIG member too.

Or, you are planning to start a business and hire employees, and you want to know the process of registering your employees to Pag-IBIG Fund. READ MORE

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How to Apply for PhilHealth ID and the Benefits of Getting the NEW PhilHealth ID


Having a PhilHealth ID makes it easier and faster to transact with PhilHealth especially if you need to file a claim or avail of benefits.

It is equally important as getting an MDR or Member Data Record, although, you can file claims even with MDR alone.

Why wouldn’t you get a PhilHealth ID anyway? READ MORE

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