How to Apply for PhilHealth ID and the Benefits of Getting the NEW PhilHealth ID

Having a PhilHealth ID makes it easier and faster to transact with PhilHealth especially if you need to file a claim or avail of benefits.

It is equally important as getting an MDR or Member Data Record, although, you can file claims even with MDR alone.

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How to Claim PhilHealth Benefits – Requirements and Procedures


When my father-in-law was hospitalized for 7 days in a private hospital early this year, his bill reached ₱150,000. Around ₱30,000 was deducted because he was a senior citizen, and almost ₱20,000 was deducted because he was a PhilHealth member.

He used to have a health card sponsored by his youngest daughter, but 3 days before he was hospitalized, her daughter resigned from work and his health card was no longer active when he was admitted. READ MORE

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How to Transfer Money to Other Banks Using Landbank Mobile Banking App


If you have a Landbank account and you want to transfer money to another bank account, it is now possible using the Landbank Mobile Banking App. This is called Interbank Fund Transfer.

Before you can transfer money:

  • You must have an existing and active Landbank account
  • You must enroll and activate your Landbank iAccess online banking account
  • You must download the Landbank Mobile Banking App on your mobile phone from Google Play (for Android devices) or from App Store (for iOs devices).

Steps on How to Transfer Money using Landbank Mobile Banking App

Step 1

Open the Landbank Mobile Banking App on your mobile device, tap on Mobile Banking, then login by typing your User ID and Password. READ MORE

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How to Avail of the ₱20,000 “Balik Pinas! Balik Hanapbuhay!” Livelihood Program for OFWs


While there are OFWs who are happy and satisfied with their jobs abroad, there are also those less-fortunate ones who eventually come back home due to unfortunate events like those who were maltreated by their employers, victims of illegal recruitment, or those who were displaced because of wars and economic difficulties in the country where they chose to work. READ MORE

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Pag-IBIG Foreclosed Properties – June 2018


Still looking for a more affordable condo unit or house and lot property in the Metro and in the nearby cities?

Why don’t you try Pag-IBIG Foreclosed properties?

Do you know that the Pag-IBIG Fund releases their list of foreclosed and acquired properties monthly and everyone is welcome to join their auctions? READ MORE

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The Simplest Guide on How to Fix ABS-CBN TV Plus No Signal Issue


ABC-CBN TV Plus has helped us save hundreds to thousands of money because ever since we had it, we never have to pay ₱500 for our cable’s monthly bill. It was indeed a huge savings for us.

We’ve been using ABS-CBN TV Plus for almost 5 years now and we’re happy with it. We don’t watch TV that often, but when we do, the channels that are available are good and clear enough to let us watch the latest news and select TV programs. READ MORE

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