Pag IBIG Foreclosed Properties – November 2019

Time flies so fast. It’s November now and it’s a month to go before Christmas.

Usually, it’s during the Christmas season when most of our dreams come true whether it be big or small like buying our dream gadget, dream car, or even our dream home.

Have you also noticed most of us, even the kids seem to have more money during Christmas? READ MORE

How to Check SSS Contribution Online (Updated 2019)

Do you want to know if your SSS Contribution payment has already been posted on your SSS account?

Or do you want to find out how much have you paid so far for your SSS contributions as an SSS member?

Well, that’s easy now with My.SSS.

What is My.SSS

My.SSS is the online portal of the Philippine Social Security System which allows its registered members to view their SSS contributions online anytime and anywhere. READ MORE

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How to Get SSS PRN or Payment Reference Number


Have you heard about SSS PRN or Payment Reference Number?

Do you know that SSS members are now required to use PRN when paying SSS contributions?

Well, if you are planning to pay your next SSS contribution, you need to know more about PRN.

What is PRN?

The PRN or Payment Reference Number is a special number that is generated for each SSS member to be used when paying SSS contribution. READ MORE

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SSS Contribution Table 2019: How Much is your SSS Contribution?


Do you know that there is a new SSS Contribution Table?

Are you aware that the amount of monthly SSS contribution has been increased?

Well, you heard it right!

Effective April 2019, all members and employers will now refer to the new SSS Contribution Table 2019 when paying SSS contributions to the Philippine Social Security System. READ MORE

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SSS Contribution Table 2018: How is it Different from the New One


If you are an SSS member, whether you’re employed or self-employed or voluntary, it’s part of your responsibility to know when you’re supposed to pay your SSS contributions.

SSS members who are OFWs and non-working spouses must also know this so that you wouldn’t miss the deadline and hence pay on time. READ MORE

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How to Pay Meralco Bill Online via BDO Online Banking


Are you planning to pay your Meralco bill online?

Meralco supplies our electricity. Without it, we’ll surely have a hard time doing what we do in our homes.

Therefore, we need to make sure that we pay our Meralco bill on time to avoid getting disconnected.

 Sometimes, we get delayed in paying our Meralco bill because we’re busy or we don’t have time to go to the Meralco accredited payment centers, or maybe we have just completely forgotten about it. READ MORE

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