Pag IBIG Foreclosed Properties – July 2019

If you’re planning to buy your own property, a house and lot, or just a lot, or a condominium unit, this is your chance to find great deals through the auction.

Pag IBIG Fund offers foreclosed properties with discount and without discount. It’s up to you to choose which of the available schedules you’re available to attend so you could join the auction. READ MORE

How to Get DFA Passport: Appointment, Application, and Renewal


My brother who is based in Qatar asked me to help our parents renew their DFA Passport in case they consider the idea of going to Qatar for a vacation anytime this year.

And since it has been a while since I renewed my DFA passport, I quickly searched the internet for the updated passport renewal process and requirements. READ MORE

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PCSO Medical Assistance Requirements, Procedures, and FAQs


FAQs about PCSO Medical Assistance

Q: Is it true that patients who are confined in charity wards and in public hospitals may get higher amount of PCSO Medical Assistance than those who are confined in private rooms and in private hospitals? 

  • If the patient is confined in a government hospital, the percentage of PCSO medical assistance may be higher because it is the mandate of PCSO to give priority or assistance to the marginalized and indigent patients who could not afford hospitalization.

Q: If both patients are confined in a government hospital, but one patient is in the service ward, and the other is in pay ward, who gets higher medical assistance from PCSO?  READ MORE

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Japan Hiring: Housekeepers, Domestic Helpers, and Caregivers for Japan


Are you planning to work abroad in 2019? How about working in the beautiful land of the rising sun?

If it has been your dream to work in Japan, then 2019 could be for you if you get the opportunity to work and get hired in Japan.

Domestic Workers, Housekeepers, and Caregivers are currently in demand in Japan. READ MORE

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Expanded Maternity Leave Law Signed -105 Days Maternity Leave


When I gave birth to my first child via C-Section Delivery four years ago, the total maternity benefit that I received from the SSS was Php 39,000.

This amount was the total of my average daily salary credit multiplied by 78 days for CS delivery. For normal delivery, it is multiplied by 60 days.

In short, with the current law, female workers may only avail of 60-78 days paid maternity leave depending on the method of delivery. READ MORE

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BPI Online Balance Inquiry with BPI Online Beta

bpi online banking

Are you trying to check or inquire for your BPI account balance?

Well, you don’t need to go to the bank to do it.

BPI Online Balance Inquiry can easily be done whenever and wherever you are as long as you have internet connection on your device.

BPI Online Balance Inquiry has been even made easier and accessible with the new BPI Online Beta. READ MORE

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Complete List of Swift Code of Philippine Banks

swift code bpi

When a money transfer is done from one country to another, a Swift Code or Bank Identifier Code (BIC) is required to make sure that the money goes to the right place and the right recipient.

What is Swift Code?

SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

Whether you’re sending cash abroad or you’re receiving money from abroad you need to get the SWIFT code of the sender and recipient’s bank before you can make a money transfer. READ MORE

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