My UITF Investment with BDO


I had always heard my friends talk about their investment profiles, with the term, UITF frequently mentioned.  This got me curious.

What exactly is a UITF?  

A quick Internet search showed me that it was an acronym for Unit Investment Trust Fund.  Getting to be familiar with what it is exactly is something that I would like to share my story with. READ MORE

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How to Avail of the SSS Maternity Benefits


If you find out that you are pregnant, you can avail of the SSS maternity benefits from The Philippine Social Security System.

This benefit is available to all active pregnant female members of the SSS for so long as you are employed, self-employed, a voluntary member, or a member separated from employment who has paid three consecutive monthly contributions within the 12-month period covering the semester of contingency of childbirth or miscarriage. READ MORE

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How to Apply for SSS Loan Restructuring Program


Update: The SSS Loan Restructuring Program is available again from April 2 to October 1, 2018. Click the links below for more details.

The Philippine Social Security System has launched the SSS Loan Restructuring Program (LRP), also known as SSS Condonation, last April 28, 2016 and it’s available until April 27, 2017. READ MORE

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Step-by-Step Guide for SSS Loan Application, Requirements, and Payment


A lot of SSS members resort to applying for an SSS loan in times of financial emergency.

Others, however, apply for SSS loan just to avail of this benefit even if they don’t have an urgent need for cash. They just want to try it and hoping that they will be able to apply for a higher loanable amount on their next loan application. READ MORE

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How to Check SSS Contribution Online in 4 Simple Steps

The Philippine Social Security System has made it easier and convenient for SSS members to check their SSS contribution online.

No need to go to the SSS branch.

Just grab your smartphone or computer, connect to the internet, and explore the SSS website. You’ll be amazed at how accessible your SSS membership records are and how much time you’ll save for not having to go to the SSS branch. READ MORE

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6 Easy Steps and Tips for Successful SSS Online Registration


If you are an SSS member, you definitely should follow these steps for SSS Online Registration.

The Philippine Social Security System is now encouraging all SSS members to register their SSS account online through My.SSS.

My.SSS is an online service portal that allows SSS members to:

  • view and check their SSS contributions and membership records online
  • make online transactions
  • set appointments with their SSS servicing branch, and
  • request copies of their records

Once you’re registered online, it’ll be a lot easier for you to check if your SSS contributions are properly posted in your SSS account. READ MORE

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