How to Check SSS Contribution Online in 4 Simple Steps

The Philippine Social Security System has made it easier and convenient for SSS members to check their SSS contribution online.

No need to go to the SSS branch.

Just grab your smartphone or computer, connect to the internet, and explore the SSS website. You’ll be amazed at how accessible your SSS membership records are and how much time you’ll save for not having to go to the SSS branch. READ MORE

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6 Easy Steps and Tips for Successful SSS Online Registration


If you are an SSS member, you definitely should follow these steps for SSS Online Registration.

The Philippine Social Security System is now encouraging all SSS members to register their SSS account online through My.SSS.

My.SSS is an online service portal that allows SSS members to:

  • view and check their SSS contributions and membership records online
  • make online transactions
  • set appointments with their SSS servicing branch, and
  • request copies of their records

Once you’re registered online, it’ll be a lot easier for you to check if your SSS contributions are properly posted in your SSS account. READ MORE

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