iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 RED Special Edition Review

The new and much-awaited iPhone 7 from Apple was announced back in September 2016, along with the iPhone 7 Plus. It was interesting how Apple was taking the direction of their signature smartphone almost 10 years after the release of the very first iPhone, and the milestone may not be lost on them as the iPhone 7 does well enough to continue the legacy.

What’s new with iPhone 7?

This new lineup does have its quirks, full of things that make it different from all other iPhones before it and show the kind of extreme forward-thinking Apple is known to push for. The biggest thing here is that it does not have a headphone jack, and it also replaced the physical home button with a pressure sensor with haptic feedback. It also has the new A10 fusion processor that puts the power of a laptop into a compact and low-power package.

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Headphone Jack

Apple’s controversial move to do away with the 3.5-inch headphone jack altogether is repeated in this new product, showing that they are certainly not backing down from their decision. While it has garnered the company a ton of flak since they announced the move, this is the sort of deliberate straying from the modern convention is something that people have always expected from Apple with their products.

On the other hand, that gives more room for Apple to put in stereo speakers in the iPhone 7, which is a nice addition if you’re fine with using headphones or earbuds through either the Lightning connector or Bluetooth.

Home Button

The removal of the physical home button also means there’s less to go wrong with the phone since there’s one less thing to wear out and break over time, at least on paper.

The Design

Other than that, the design itself is not that far off from the iPhone 6 and 6s at all. The aluminum unibody with the curves and 2.5D glass make for a comfortable feel in the hand and an unobtrusive presence in the pocket. The aluminum is not the run-in-the-mill kind used for most other smartphones, but 7000 Series aluminium that makes this iPhone a lot more durable without adding considerable weight, thus adding a lot to its overall build quality.


The rear-facing camera with the TrueTone flash is bigger now, and there are no more antenna lines on the back as they are now located on the top and bottom of the unit for a cleaner and sleeker look. It has also been made water-resistant (but not fully waterproof), so you don’t have to panic as much whenever you spill something on your phone by accident.

Retina HD Display

The Retina HD display has a 750×1334 resolution with a 324 ppi pixel density. This is perhaps the one aspect of this phone that is inferior compared to that of its competitors, with the Samsung Galaxy S7 featuring a Quad-HD resolution with 577 ppi. While the Retina HD technology and being 25% brighter than the display on the iPhone 6s does make up for the smaller resolution, it still puts it a bit behind.


It also sports the first quad-core processor to be fitted in an iPhone. The A10 Fusion on the iPhone 7, together with 2GB of RAM like with the iPhone 6s, makes for pretty good performance. Apple claims that the iPhone 7 is the fastest smartphone in the market today, despite other competitors having octa-core processors and more RAM. While it may not really be the real fastest smartphone in the world right now, it is still no slouch when it comes to speed and functionality.

iphone 7

The NEW iPhone 7 RED Special Edition

There is also the iPhone 7 RED Special Edition, which is basically an iPhone 7 in a gorgeous shade of red. The back is all in red and the Apple logo is in stainless steel, while all the technical specifications in the iPhone 7 RED Special Edition are similar to that of the standard iPhone 7.

The iPhone RED Special Edition was made as a way for Apple to support the Global Fund for HIV/AIDS programs, and buying one lets you contribute to those programs in your own way. Apple has given $130 million to the Global Fund at this point, making them the biggest contributor thus far.

Why buy iPhone 7?

The new iPhone 7 is meant to be a divisive product that both bucks the trend and pushes the smartphone market forward with its leaving behind of old technologies in favor of what the future may bring. It is yet another one of Apple’s history-making moves that should make things interesting in the tech world for years to come.

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