Estate Tax 101: Definition, Computation, and Examples


It’s a common practice here in the Philippines, that after the death of the ascendant or the bread winner, heirs usually sell their properties.

However, every time the property is sold, a problem arises when they will transfer the properties to the name of the buyer.

This commonly happens because most Filipinos are not aware of the concept of the estate tax. As a result, there are many properties for sale that are still under the name of the deceased person. READ MORE

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Is it possible to double your money in the stock market?


Many of us are still skeptical about investing in the stock market. Some find it too risky, thus they don’t even consider learning about it.

I remember, a friend of mine asked me this not too long ago…

“Is it really possible to make money in the stock market? Is it possible to double your money?”  READ MORE

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Complete List of TESDA Online Courses 2017


Have a lot of spare time but don’t know what to do? Why not take online courses?

Do you know that TESDA offers various online courses? Well, the answer is yes and they’re all free!

Not only will you learn new skills but also increase your chances of getting hired especially if it’s something that’s related to the job you’re applying for. READ MORE

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Visita Iglesia 2017: 14 Churches and 14 Stations of the Cross

Our family visited 14 churches today as we recite the Stations of the Cross. It is our first time to do this with the whole family and we’re blessed that God made this possible for us.

Here’s the list of churches in Metro Manila that we have visited today, Maunday Thursday, April 13, 2017. READ MORE

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Visita Iglesia 2017 Guide: 15 Churches to Visit in Quezon City, Metro Manila

Are you planning to go on Visita Iglesia this Holy Week? 

There are plenty of churches to visit within Metro Manila and here are 15 of them which I have personally visited during the Holy Week last year. 

1. Christ the King Church 

Address: E Rodriguez Sr. Ave, New Manila, Quezon City

2. Mt. Carmel Shrine Parish READ MORE

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Huawei P10 Review: A Good Alternative for iPhone

After a good bit of anticipation, Huawei’s new flagship smartphone and the P9’s successor has finally arrived. The Huawei P10 is perhaps the best phone the firm has yet produced, as well as one of its most expensive.

This model is everything Huawei can throw out, including the P10 Plus that has slightly better specs than the base P10. As far as how it competes with other brands, there is a good bit of merit to Huawei’s newest entry into the high-end smartphone market. READ MORE

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SSS Death Benefits: Who are qualified to claim and How?


When my sister died, one of the questions that popped into my mind was: What happens to the pension that my sister was looking forward to upon retirement, in the event of her death while still an active, duly employed SSS member?

I found out that the Social Security System of the Philippines is duly mandated by law (R.A. No. 8282) to provide the qualified beneficiary (or beneficiaries) Death Benefits as specified under Section 13 of the aforementioned Social Security Law. READ MORE

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