1. Parasapinoy. Com,
    For the Creator of this website, sir /madam thank you so much ! It’s really a big help, earlier im so frustrated and worried because after searching for the possible help, all I got is the hotline of bdo which will keep you waiting like an hour before getting the representative to help, and on top of that they will ask u some question to identify your info, and it is time consuming with hassle coz u nid to remember those security answer,
    Fortunately when I tried to search again, I saw your website guys, very helpful,
    very informative, and very accurate. Good job guys you are awesome! I’ll give you 10 stars cheers!

    • Hi Edison, I’m so glad that this article was able to help you. You’re welcome and thank you for the kind words. Feel free to share this to your friends too. Have a wonderful day.

    • Hi Edison, thanks for the kind words. I’m glad that this article was able to help you.

  2. how to reset bdo online password

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