7 Reasons why you should Send Money through Remitly

Are you an OFW in the United States or Canada? Do you send money to your family or friends in the Philippines?

Do you know that Remitly is one of the easiest, fastest, and affordable ways to send money online?

If you don’t, this is your chance to learn more about Remitly and why you should try this for your remittance to the Philippines.

What is Remitly

Remitly is a licensed money transmitter or mobile payments service that is currently operating in the US, Canada, and the U.K., sending millions of dollars to thousands of customers each month. Remitly is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and they also have an office in the Philippines.

Remitly is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and they also have an office in the Philippines.

7 Reasons why you should send money through Remitly

  1. Accessibility and Mobility

You can send money online using your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. You and your recipient can also track your transaction online anytime and anywhere. You have less worry when it comes to sending money because you know where your money is. That’s how accessible Remitly is.

  1. Low and Affordable Rates

You work hard and sacrifice abroad to earn money even if it means being away from your family in the Philippines. With Remitly, you can maximize your earnings because with its lower fees, you have more money to send to your loved ones back home.

  • If you send money via ECONOMY 3-day transfers, you wouldn’t have to pay anything. ZERO. It’s FREE!
  • On the other hand, if you want to send money via EXPRESS transfers in minutes, you only need to pay $3.99

Unlike Remitly’s competitors, their debit card transactions have a flat fee. You won’t pay more when you send more.

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  1. Fast and On Time Money Transfer

Delivery is really important because your recipient expects your remittance for their needs and you also expect that they receive it on time.

And for Remitly, every transfer carries a delivery promise. They deliver on time or they give you your money back.

  1. Easy and Convenient Remittance Pick-up

With Remitly, your remittance can be picked up anywhere in the Philippines through any of the following remittance centers:

  • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • M Lhuillier
  • BDO
  • BPI
  • Metrobank
  • any SM Mall
  • any Globe outlet
  1. High Exchange Rates

Remitly boasts their winning exchange rates. Compared to other money service businesses, Remitly offers the highest conversion rates.

As of this writing, Remitly’s USD to PHP conversion rate is PHP 52, while Xoom is PHP 48.52 and Western Union is PHP 47.80.

Please note that the exchange rates change from time to time. Always visit the site to see the updated rates.

  1. Friendly Customer Service Representatives

If you can easily contact the customer service department of a company, it means that they care enough for you and that builds your trust with them.

With Remitly, their friendly customer representatives are available for you 24/7 in Filipino or English at (888) 736-4859.

  1. Referral Incentives

Not only you pay lower rates when you send money with Remitly, but you also get the opportunity to earn when you refer people to Remitly.

Just share Remitly to your friends and you’ll get $10 or Php 500 for every friend you refer that sends money with Remitly.

How? Just sign up or create an account with Remitly and you’ll be given a unique link that you can share to your friends.


Remitly’s Ongoing Promo

Remitly is celebrating 5 years of delivering promises to the Philippines.

In line with this celebration, they have this anniversary sweepstakes, wherein you’ll get a chance to be one of 5 winners of $500 when you send money until May 8, 2017. Click here for more info about this promo.

If you have been paying higher rates for your remittance with other companies, it’s time you try Remitly. And since you pay less on fees, more money makes it home with Remitly.

Click here to sign up with Remitly now.

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