How to Apply for BDO Cash Card

If you’re looking for an ATM card that’s easy to have with zero maintaining balance and has almost similar features like the regular savings account, this BDO Cash Card is for you.

What is BDO Cash Card?

It is a re-loadable prepaid electronic debit card. It is not considered as a deposit account, but it comes with an ATM card that you can use in many ways including:

  • Cash Withdrawals
  • POS Purchases
  • Pay Bills

You can also enroll your Cash Card in BDO internet, mobile, and phone banking that allows you to check your balance, reload cash card, load prepaid mobile phone, and even pay your bills.

It has NO maintaining balance and it doesn’t earn interest.

There are 3 Types of BDO Cash Card:

  1. Retail Pre-Embossed Cash Card (GENERIC)
  2. Retail Embossed Cash Card (PERSONALIZED)
  3. Corporate Embossed Cash Card


How to Apply for BDO Cash Card

Step 1 – Go the branch and tell the bank officer that you want to apply for the cash card

Step 2 – Fill out the BDO Cash Card Application Form

Step 3 – Submit 1 valid government-issued ID. Applicant must be 7 years old and above.

Step 4 – Pay Cash Card Fee of Php 150

How many banking days will it take before I could get my BDO Cash Card?

For Generic Cards, you can get it immediately or within the same day.

For Personalized Cards, you can get it in 5 to 7 banking days.

How to Activate BDO Cash Card

When you apply for the cash card, just deposit or reload at least Php 100 to activate it the account.

How to Reload BDO Cash Card

Just go to the go to the nearest BDO branch, fill out the card sale or reload slip via ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Internet Banking or Phone Banking.

  • Minimum – Php 100
  • Maximum – Amount that will not exceed the balance limit of the card depending on its type.

What is the maximum balance limit for each Cash Card type?

  • Pre-Embossed – P10,000
  • Retail Embossed – P25,000
  • Corporate Embossed – P100,000



You and other people can deposit to your Cash Card Account. However, there are only two ways to deposit to your account.

  1. BDO Over-the-counter – There is a fee of Php 15 regardless of the amount and location
  2. BDO Cash Accept Machine – Free of Charge


If you or somebody deposit money to your Cash Card, you can withdraw it in 2 ways:

  1. BDO ATM Machine – There is a fee of Php 2
  2. Non-BDO ATM Machine – There is a fee of Php 11

There is NO Over-the-counter withdrawal for BDO Cash Card.

How to Enroll Cash Card in BDO Online Banking

You cannot enroll your Cash Card directly for Online Banking, but you can link it to your BDO Savings Account or enroll it as another account.

For Fund Transfers:

  • You can transfer fund from your savings account to cash card
  • You can transfer fund from cash card to savings account IF the account name is the same
  • You cannot transfer from cash card to other account with different names

Can you send remittance to BDO Cash Card?

Yes, but only with Remittance centers affiliated with BDO. Use the 16-digit BDO Cash Card Account Number found on the card.

BDO cash card cannot send/receive remittance through Paypal as of the moment.

What if the card is captured by the machine?

  • Generic Card – no return
  • Personalized Card – can be returned if there’s a name and signature

When is a Cash Card considered dormant?

  • Cash Card shall be considered dormant and shall be subject to monthly maintenance fee, if there is no financial activity depending on the type of card:
  • GENERIC – 180 days of no financial activity
  • PERSONALIZED –  360 days of no financial activity

How to Reactivate a Dormant Cash Card?

A dormant card is re-activated with a financial transaction, e.x. card reload, withdrawal, among others.

What if I lost my Cash Card?

  • For Retail cards, card replacement is allowed at issuing BDO branch subject to personal identification of cardholder.
  • For Corporate card, card replacement is done through cardholder’s employer/company.

BDO Contact Numbers

  • BDO Customer Contact Center at 631-8000,
  • Domestic Toll-free 1-800-10-6318000 and 1-800-3-6318000 (Digitel)
  • International Toll-Free (IAC) + 800-8-6318000.

Click here to open the regular BDO Savings Account with Passbook or ATM.

Want to open other banks’ Savings Account? Click the link below:

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  1. gemma b,pasadilla says

    HI bdo….My cash card na ako..pide kopa ba loadan yon?

    • yes, prepaid cash card po un.

      • Hello po magtanong lang po ako may kabayan savings account po ako passbook and ATM card kaso lang po nakalimutan ko ang pin number ng ATM card ko paano po gagawin ko at paano ko magamit ulit thanks po

  2. Roselyn terec says

    Hi po, ask ko lang po what is the difference between reloading and depositing an amount sa cash card if the process was the same naman, and pag nag enroll po ba ng cash card walang initial deposit?

  3. lemy aloya says

    Hello.. I have my BDO cash card for 3 years now. I would like to ask if I can too request a bank certificate for it? Your immediate response is highly appreciated

  4. Mirazol subong dimalanta says

    Hello how can i check my bdo cash card tru online ?

    • Machcheck lang po sya pag naka enroll sya sa bdo online banking. Maeenroll lang po sya KAPAG may other account kayo na naka-log in. Like savings accout.

  5. I’m planning to get a cash card since there is no maintaining balance but the 2php fee per atm withdrawal made me lose interest. why do they have to charge their cash card holders when withdrawing funds from the bank’s ATM machines?

  6. Just now, nag deposit ako sa cash card ko para ma-activate. 500pesos po yun. Tas nung nagcheck ako ng balance, 0.00 ang naka lagay. Pero alam kong na-activate nayon kasi napalitan ko na yung PIN ko.. itinawag lang nila sa call center nila. At pinag aantay nanaman ako ng 5working days para sa results. Ang hassle. Nkakainis. Ang tagal tagal kong inantay yung cash card ko tas magkakaproblema lang ng ganto??

  7. Brian elorde says

    Hi, may I ask if ano po ang requirements to get a bdo cash card (personal use).
    Thank you for your answer.

  8. Hi, can i deposit a cheque named to me to my cashcard.?

  9. Hello, puede po ba depositohan ang cash card from other bank; ano po ang account number ang gagamitin?

  10. Why there is a Php 2 fee If I will withdraw my money in BDO ATM Machine? That is my money and I am being charge of my own money withdrawal? Please explain BDO!!!

  11. pwedi po ba siya magamit sa remittance? or pwedi po ba magamit malagyan ng padala na pera galing sa manila?

  12. Belinda Perez says

    What if I don’t want to use the cash card anymore, can I deactivate it?
    Will I be charged the monthly maintenance fee if I deactivated it?

  13. Turqueza, Norlie John C. says

    Good morning po. Pwede po bang Student ID po ang gamitin sa pagregister?

  14. Criselda acorda says

    Meron po akong pre-embosed cashcard na 4years n po hnd ngagamit,, maaari p rn po ipa-activate?? At kung ma-aactivate po pwd k dn po b irequest n mging embosed cashcard n po ito??


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