An Honest Review of CUT Salon Cubao’s Rebonding Service


I just had my recent hair rebond session at CUT Salon at Farmer’s Cubao, and as always, I was happy and satisfied with the service they provided.

The first time I had my hair rebonded at CUT was back in January 2015, just a month after they opened the salon at Farmer’s Cubao. (Click here to read my first Cut Salon Rebond experience) READ MORE

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How to Travel to Taiwan VISA-FREE (For Filipinos)


Isn’t it nice to travel to countries that are visa free for Filipinos?

It would be one less thing to worry about when planning your trip, isn’t it?

And what if we, Filipinos, can now have the luxury of travelling to Taiwan VISA FREE, wouldn’t you grab this opportunity?

Yes, you read it right, you do not need to have a VISA to travel to Taiwan. And if going to Taiwan has been one of the items in your bucket list, then it may be the perfect time now to tick it off. READ MORE

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5 Tips to Increase your Chances of Winning the Lotto


Winning the millions that lottery offers as a grand prize is like searching for phasmids (insects) in the middle of the woods when you know they exist but it is truly hard to catch one of them.

Lottery multi-million grand prize really exists but the search for number combinations are as hard as searching for phasmids to guess. READ MORE

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4 Reasons Why Filipinos Love Games of Chance (Lottery)


Games of chances are widespread in the Philippines. It is a business ranging from small to a larger scale. Many satellites are built for the convenience of the players.

One on the top played by the Filipinos is the lottery, a government initiative to raise proceeds, where they invest for less by which rich and poor lotto addicted alike can afford to invest day by day with the same desire for the luck of being a multimillionaire. READ MORE

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HSBC Credit Card Promo: FREE Luggage


Are you planning to apply for a new credit card? Why not try HSBC?

Having a credit card allows you to make purchases without having to bring cash all the time. This is helpful especially when you don’t have enough cash for big purchases or when you need to purchase something online like booking a flight or accommodation. READ MORE

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How to Grow your Money with Pag-ibig and SSS Savings Program


Do you know that aside from paying your monthly contributions to Pag-ibig and SSS, you can also invest your money with them?

Yes, that’s right and what’s good about this is that your money earns more compared to when you save it in the bank.

This is exactly the reason why our government is encouraging us to invest in Pag-ibig and SSS. READ MORE

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Latest OFW Jobs Hiring: Filipino Nurses for United Kingdom


Are you planning to practice your profession and share your passion as a Nurse in United Kingdom?

This can be your chance to make that dream to work in UK a reality.

Five licensed manpower agencies in the Philippines have recently released their postings for NURSES in United Kingdom.


This agency is hiring 200 MedSurgical Nurses to work permanently in the United Kingdom (UK). READ MORE

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