How to Get SSS PRN or Payment Reference Number

All SSS members are now required to use PRN or Payment Reference Number when paying SSS contributions.

This rule was implemented on January 16, 2018, and everyone is expected to follow this to be able to have a smooth transaction when paying SSS contribution at the SSS Branch Cashier or any accredited payment centers.

If you’re still at a loss as to what PRN is and how you can get your PRN or where to find it, read on as I share with you what it’s all about…

What is PRN?

The PRN or Payment Reference Number is a special number that is generated for each SSS member to be used when paying SSS contribution.

PRN is different from CRN or Common Reference Number. This is also not the same as the SSS Number.

How Do I Get My PRN? 

The easiest way to get your PRN is by logging in to My.SSS or the online platform of the Social Security System. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1 

Go to SSS website at, then login to your SSS Online Account using your User ID and Password.

If you’re not yet registered, you must register first by clicking the button below “Not yet registered in My.SSS?”

Step 2 

Once you’re logged in, click the Payment Reference Number (PRN) tab on the main navigation menu.

Step 3 

Your Payment Reference Number (PRN) will appear on the page. The information that you will see on the page were based on your previous SSS contribution payment.

You have the option to print or edit the SOA.

  • Click the “Print Statement of Account (SOA)” button to print your SOA with your PRN which you will present when you pay your SSS contributions.
  • Click “Edit SOA” button if you would like to change the Applicable Period, Amount of Monthly Contributions and Membership Type.

To edit the SOA, enter the correct info and click Submit Request.

Here’s a sample SOA with PRN.

How to Get PRN for Employers

  1. Log in to your My.SSS account
  2. Click on Payment Reference Number (PRN)
  3. Review and edit your e-CL (Electronic Collection List)
  4. Generate Payment Reference Number (PRN)

How to Get PRN for Individual Members

If you have registered your mobile number with the SSS, you will receive your PRN through SMS or text message.

If you didn’t receive it, you may request your PRN through the following options:

  1. Request PRN through Email
    • Send an email to  or to request for your PRN. Indicate your name, SSS Number or Common Reference Number (CRN), and your date of birth in the email.
  2. Request PRN by calling the PRN Helpline at 920-6446 to 55 or the Toll-Free Hotline 1-800-10-225, which is open 24 hours, Mondays to Fridays.
  3. Request PRN by going to the E-Centers or Member Services Section in SSS branches
  4. Request PRN at the SSS Tellering Counters and Payment Channels
  5. Request PRN online through My.SSS

Why is PRN Required when Paying SSS Contributions? 

The SSS established the PRN-based system for the real-time posting of SSS contribution payments.

This means that once your payment is successful, you can now view your SSS contributions instantly.

This system will address delays in the posting of contribution payments that result in ineligibility to SSS benefits and loans and delays in the processing of claims.

If you don’t have your PRN yet, just follow the steps above to get your PRN, then present it when paying your contributions. And if you wish to see if your contribution has already been posted, just login to your SSS online account.

To do that, follow the instructions here: How to Check SSS Contribution Online in 4 Simple Steps

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  1. My bad that already file prn.
    And late enrolling my account to flexifund.
    Can i still use my prn FOR PAYING my contribution even if i change the amount that i already filled in SOA?

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