1. I allways try to open my username and pasword but cant work it. Plss help

  2. amancio contante says

    change PLDT home Fibr WiFi Name and Password

  3. Jennifer mahinay says

    Why my first bill for plan 1,299 become 2,265 ? How do i disconnect my connection?

    • Please call PLDT Hotline 171 so that you can verify your account with PLDT and ask them why your bill increased.

  4. Hi, is it okay to change wifi name and password using android phone?

  5. how can I turn on the ssid without ethernet cable?

  6. jaisy ibiaz says

    it says password is illegal

  7. Kaylen says says

    How to make another account para sa bisita but with slower speed of wifi para it won’t affect the speed of the wifi who regularly used it at home? can you give me directions?


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