How to Request for PLDT DSL Internet Reconnection

Have you ever experienced getting disconnected with your PLDT DSL Internet Connection due to late payment?

It’s a hassle, right?

First, you’re unable to connect to the internet. And because of that, you’re unable to work (if you’re working from home and you rely mostly on the internet), or maybe you’re unable to open your favorite websites or social media accounts.

Second, settling your PLDT Bills payment is another hassle because that means you have to go to the nearest payment center to do that. And if the payment is not near your place, that means you have to spend extra money for your transpo. In most cases, you can only pay your bills online on or before its due date.

And third, even after paying your PLDT bill, your internet connection may not be reconnected immediately. Most of the time, you will need to contact the PLDT DSL customer service (171) to request for reconnection.

So, how can we avoid these hassles?

Simple. Pay your bills in full and on time.

Here are some tips to avoid PLDT DSL Disconnection

  1. As soon as you receive your PLDT DSL bill, take note of your balance and its due date and put it in your calendar.
  2. Enroll your PLDT DSL online through your online banking account. Examples of these are BPI Express Online, BDO Internet Banking, Metrobank Direct, and more. Choose the one where you have an account with so that it’s easier to transfer funds and pay bills.
  3. If you have enough balance in your online banking account, pay your PLDT DSL account online on or before its due date.
  4. If you missed the due date and you’re no longer unable to pay online, go to the nearest accredited payment center and settle your bill as soon as possible.

Oftentimes, an officer or customer service representative will remind/inform you via landline that your account is due for disconnection. If you have enough funds, pay your PLDT DSL bill payment immediately and inform them once done to avoid disconnection.

If you missed the due date and the extra days given to settle your bills, your PLDT DSL will surely be disconnected.

In my case, the due date was Feb. 24, but it was disconnected on Feb. 28. It was the first time it happened, so I’m not sure if it always takes 4 days after the due date before they disconnect the internet.

Actually, we received a call from PLDT on Feb. 27 reminding us that our account was due for disconnection and that we needed to settle our bill asap. But since we missed it, it was disconnected the next day.

So, how did we pay our bill?

Since we cannot pay online anymore, we brought our PLDT DSL bill and paid it at the nearest Savemore Payment Center. Good thing there’s no late payment fee.

After paying the bill, we called the PLDT Hotline 171 to request for reconnection. It took us an hour to finally have our internet connection back.


How to Request for PLDT DSL Reconnection

  1. Pay the full balance of your PLDT DSL bill at the nearest payment center. Make sure to bring your bill with the Account Number.
  2. Upon payment, call PLDT Hotline 171 to request for reconnection. Be ready with the following information:
    • Landline Number
    • Account Number
    • Total Amount Paid
    • Transaction Number – last 4 digits of the TRX# which you can find in your payment receipt.
  3. To get to the correct queue for reconnetion, follow these steps:
    • Call 171
    • Dial 2 for PLDT Existing Customers
    • Dial 4 for Reconnection Request
    • Enter your Landline Number starting with area code (example: 029001234)
    • Enter your PLDT Account Number followed by #
    • Enter your the Amount you paid including two digits for cents (example if you paid P2,000.00, enter 200000) followed by #
    • Enter the last 4 digits of the Transaction Number (TRX#) found on the payment receipt
    • You will hear a recorded voice confirmation upon successful request

In my case, it took me 5 times to do the same process before it finally got reconnected. For some reason, their system won’t accept the transaction number during the first 4 attempts.

I think my payment was still not updated in their system that’s why it kept saying that it was an invalid transaction number. Maybe, you need to wait an hour after your payment to call their hotline to request for reconnection.

Or try to talk to a PLDT customer service representative so that they can manually update your payment and reconnect your internet service. However, you need to have patience since there’s always a long queue in their department.

Nonetheless, I’m very happy that we got our internet connection back with PLDT DSL on the same day.

If you have the same issues, just try the steps and tips above and I hope you can have your internet connection back as soon as possible. Better yet, let’s always pay our bills in full and on time to avoid the hassle of going through all these and have a smooth internet connection service.

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  1. I tried following your steps and I’m stuck on the 3rd bullet. PLDT keeps on asking about my 11-digit reference number. Where can I find it? Thanks for replying.

    • NADI, this post was back in March when the contact centers of PLDT are still up. PLDT’s BPOs are currently “closed”, you cannot speak to anyone in their hotline at the moment. My account is disconnected too. I suggest you visit the nearest PLDT branch near you and ask for re-connection.

  2. Hello!
    How long did it take for you internet connection to be reconnected?

    Thank you.

  3. Victoria visca says

    Hi can you reconnect our pldt wifi the payment has been done account # 0003989666 TRX#00043437 3221.00, kindly follow up to your pldt tech to grant my request as as possible. Thank you

  4. Hello, thank you so much for this input! Would it still take 8 hours or earlier if ever we won’t call and just wait? Thanks again.

  5. Ma teresita gurrea says

    I had an ongoing dispute on my bill and the agents I spoke to promised that if my account will get disconnected, I can just call and it will be reconnected. However, I called and talked to so many agents for hours and had been placed on hold, transferred and hung up, I had no choice but to pay the disputed balance and had to call PLDT again to have my interneted reconnected. I was told again, as what every agent promised that the connection will be back after and hour and has not come back still.. this is insanely unfair and unjust considering the lost hours of internet use that I needed to do my work at home.

  6. Ma Divine Grace Besario says

    Good day! My husband applied for pldt fibr, but because of pandemic we were not able to pay. I would like to settle our dues to reconnect but it seems that we billed for how many months eventhought we already disconnected. Can I negotiate for our billings since it was disconnected for one month not paid and so on..Thanks in advance for your consideration.


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