Metrobank Cardless Withdrawal: How to Withdraw Money WITHOUT a Card

Have you ever experienced going to the ATM machine to withdraw money only to find out that you don’t have your ATM card in your wallet or you left it somewhere?

I know it’s frustrating and you wouldn’t want to experience it.

Good thing there is cardless withdrawal with Metrobank. If you are an accountholder of Metrobank, you can take advantage of this facility.

With Metrobank’s Cardless Withdrawal, you can easily withdraw cash from any Metrobank or PSBank ATM
without using your Metrobank ATM Card.

What Metrobank Account are Eligible for Metrobank Cardless Withdrawal?

  • Metrobank Debit
  • Metrobank Prepaid
  • Except for Paycard

In order to create a cardless withdrawal request, you must be enrolled in Metrobank Mobile Banking.

How to Enroll in Metrobank Mobile Banking

  1. You MUST have already signed up for and have access to Metrobank Internet Banking.
  2. Login into Metrobank Internet banking and Click on the Users Services Tab.
  3. Click Mobile Enrollment.
  4. Click Add Phone link.
  5. Read the Agreement (EULA
  6. Select your Carrier
  7. Enter your Phone Number
  8. Click on the select Button next to “I accept the Terms and Conditions of Use”
  9. Click on the Enroll – Your screen will display “Your phone is enrolled”
  10. Click Continue Button – Your screen will display your Activation Code. This code is only good for 24 hours. After that you will need to go back to Mobile Enrollment and then click on Get Activation Code.

How Much Can you Withdraw? 

You can withdraw a minimum of ₱100 up to a maximum of ₱30,000 per day.

Maximum amount per request is up to ten ₱10,000) only.

Partial withdrawal is not allowed. You cannot withdraw an amount lower than the amount requested.

How much is the Service Fee for Metrobank Cardless Withdrawal?

There is NO CHARGE when you request for cardless withdrawal transaction thru Metrobank Mobile Banking & withdrawal at any Metrobank ATMs.

However, if you withdraw at any PSBank ATM, you will be charged ₱7.50 for each withdrawal transaction.


What are the Steps for Metrobank Cardless Withdrawal? 

Step 1: Login to Metrobank Mobile Banking

Step 2: Click Cardless Withdrawal from the left panel, then Select the Account to debit.

Step 3: Enter the Amount you wish to withdraw, Nominate a 4-digit PIN 1 and click “Next”

Step 4: Enter the SMS OTP sent to your registered mobile number. Then a 6-digit system generated PIN 2
will be displayed.

Step 5: Go to any Metrobank or PSBank ATMs and follow the steps below:

  • Press “Enter”
  • Enter the 4-digit PIN 1, 6-digit PIN 2 and the requested amount

Notes about the PINs:

  • The 4-digit PIN 1 is any number you nominated while creating the cardless withdrawal request.
  • The 6-digit PIN 2 is system generated which you received via the Metrobank Mobile app after creating the

Other Things You Need to Know about Metrobank Cardless Withdrawal

  1. Your requested cardless withdrawal is valid for 30 minutes only. After that, your request will
    expire and you may create another cardless withdrawal through the Metrobank Mobile Banking app.
  2. There is no limit in requesting for a cardless withdrawal provided that the total amout to be withdrawn
    will not exceed the ₱30,000 daily withdrawal limit.
  3. If you got an error message on the ATM screen for typing incorrect details, you may re-try for a maximum of 3 times. Otherwise, your transaction will be rejected and you need to create another cardless withdrawal request through the Metrobank Mobile Banking app.
  4. Should you wish to cancel your Metrobank Cardless Withdrawal request, just login to Metrobank Mobile Banking app. Under “View/Cancel Request”, cancel the cardless withdrawal request/s with Pending status. You will receive an email and SMS notification once your request has been cancelled successfully.
  5. If your Metrobank ATM card is lost or stolen, your can still get cash through Cardless Withdrawal. But it is highly advisable that you IMMEDIATELY report your lost/stolen card to your branch of account or call Metrobank Customer Care Hotline at +(632) 8 700 700.
  6. You can view your cardless withdrawal transactions by loggin in to Metrobank Mobile Banking.

Is Metrobank Cardless Withdrawal facility SECURE?

Requesting for a Metrobank cardless withdrawal transaction requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for it to
push through. This feature makes this facility secure and reliable.

But to ensure safety, never share your account information with anyone.

If you notice that something is wrong or suspicious, immediately call Metrobank Customer Care Hotline at (02) 870-0700.

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