An Honest Review of CUT Salon Cubao’s Rebonding Service

I just had my recent hair rebond session at CUT Salon at Farmer’s Cubao, and as always, I was happy and satisfied with the service they provided.

The first time I had my hair rebonded at CUT was back in January 2015, just a month after they opened the salon at Farmer’s Cubao.

I remember I was hesitant before entering the salon because of its tiny space and most of the staff and customers were male. When I asked if they offer hair rebonding, they said yes, so I went ahead and had the service done.

zanjoe-cut-salonAside from I was very satisfied with Cut Salon Cubao’s service, that first session was also kind of unforgettable to me because they finished my hair rebond past 11 PM and I was the only customer left and the mall was already closed and dark inside. Nonetheless, I went home feeling happy and pretty with my newly rebonded hair.

Since then, I’ve been a loyal customer of Cut Salon Cubao and I always request for “Zanjoe” to do my hair rebond. Zanjoe is very professional and friendly. He has been with Cut Salon for almost 10 years and he certainly knows his craft. He’s the man when it comes to hair rebonding.


Cut Salon Hair Rebond Procedure

For my recent hair rebond session, I availed of their Rebond All-In package worth P2,500. This is inclusive of Hair Rebond, Hair Color, Brazilian blow dry, Clear Hair Cellophane and Haircut.

I tried to take note of all the procedures, but I forgot to ask Zanjoe if my notes were correct. Here it is anyway…

  • 3:15 dry hair since my hair was wet
  • 3:25 application 1 for rebond near root
  • 4:05 application 2 lower hair strands
  • 4:25 rinse
  • 4:30 dry and iron
  • 6:00 break
  • 6:15 hair color
  • 7:20 Brazilian blowout
  • 8:00 dry and iron
  • 9:00 done

Here’s the before and after photo of my hair. Thanks to Zanjoe and Cut Salon.


My hair is long and thick that’s why it took longer to finish the hair rebond procedure. If your hair is shorter and your hair strands are thinner, I’m sure it will not take that long to rebond your hair.

Cut Salon Hair Rebond Promo on Metrodeal 

The other customer who’s seated right next to me at the salon asked me if I also availed of the Metrodeal Promo and I said no because I wasn’t aware of it.

I usually visit Cut Salon twice a year for my hair rebond and/or treatment, but I never thought they’ll post a deal at Metrodeal for their services.

I was surprised. Sayang! Had I known that there was a promo, I would’ve bought it before going to Cut Salon.

Anyway, if you’re planning to have your hair done, I recommend Cut Salon, particularly Farmer’s Cubao branch. The salon is now more spacious and there are enough couches and chairs for customers, plus of course, they have an amazing service and friendly staff.


And if you want to avail of the discounted rate of their Hair Rebond All-In package, check out their Metrodeal promo here.

It’s only P2,199 inclusive of Brazilian blow dry, Absolute Rebond, Hair Color, Hair Spa, Perma Gloss, Pro-V, Haircut, 1-minute Therapy, and Clear Hair Cellophane.

It’s really worth your money. You may also bring extra money for the tip. It’s not necessary but I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

Cut Salon or Cut Encarnacion Group of Salon has many branches nationwide. Just choose one that’s near your place if you want to try their services.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This is an honest review of my experience with Cut Salon – Farmers Cubao Branch.

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  1. Hello! How’s your hair? Is it still straight or has curls on it? I wanna know planning to avail the promo.

    • Yes, it’s still straight. 🙂
      Pero mabilis tumubo ung hair ko kaya ung sa roots, lumalabas na ulit ung ibang gray hair ko pero straight pa din kahit nakatali minsan kasi mainit.

  2. Hi. Is it still straight after a month of being rebonded?

    • Yes, mine is still straight after 3 months although I can see some gray hair on the roots already, which calls for another hair dye. 🙂
      But I guess it still depends on hair type.

  3. Hi! Because of this post i think I wanna avail this too from the cubao branch but thru metrodeal promo para mejo tipid hehehe just wanna check first how’s your hair looking after fours months of rebond

    • hello maria! thanks for reading my cut salon review. 🙂
      actually, mabilis humaba ang hair ko at balak ko pumunta sa cut salon this week for another hair rebond/color/treatment session.
      straight pa rin naman ang hair ko pero lumalabas na kasi ang gray hair ko kaya kailangan na ulit makulayan. 🙂

    • I just also want to share my first cut salon experience here: 🙂

      • Any update po? Nakavisit na po ba kayo ulit sa cut?

        • Yes, I went there on September 22. 🙂 I’m planning to go back to Cut Salon this week for my hair treatment and hair color. It’s been 3 months since I had my hair rebond session and my grey hair is already visible. Mabilis din kasi tumubo hair ko kaya kita na din yung hair growth. 🙂 Have you visited Cut Salon? How was your experience?

  4. I went there last Sunday to avail the Brazilian blow dry Bec I read a good review about it but they advice me instead the keratin treatment since they have promo 1,800 inclusive of keratin treatment, hair color, cellophane and haircut. After The procedure my hair looks good of course but the real verdict will be after 3days pa when I wash my hair na. So 2nd day came and my hair was so flat and sticky na so I decided to wash on the 3rd day thinking it’s enough na. Unfortunately there is no changes my hair return to being frizzy like before I got the treatment. Maybe Bec I didn’t wait for 3 days or maybe Hindi talaga effective ung treatment sakin. I even bought human nature shampoo and conditioner para Hindi agad mawash out ung keratin. Anyway, in my experience the service was not that good also pero cguro depende sa stylist na gumawa.

    • Hi Minty, thanks for sharing your experience with Cut Salon. As far as I know their keratin treatment and Brazilian Blow Dry does not give similar result than the rebond package. I tried the Brazilian Blowdry before and the effect on my hair was that it wasn’t so dry anymore but it wasn’t as straight compared to when it was rebonded. That’s why when I would always go for hair rebond if I want my hair straightened, but for treatment only, I choose Brazilian Blowdry or Keratin. Sino pala gumawa sa hair mo?

  5. Hello.. I just had my hair rebond with brazilian at your branch in Sta. Lucia last week.. but it turned out dry and frizzy I paid 3k pero sad ako sa result. please help.

    • Hi Cha, sorry to hear about your experience. I also had my hair treated with brazilian blowout and keratin treatment with color at Cut Farmer’s Cubao and I’m glad it went well. If you had your hair rebonded and treatment and you’re not satisfied with the result, you can actually go back to the salon and tell them your concern. I think they can redo or do something about it if you go there within 7 days after your hair session.

  6. Hi! I am planning to avail po sa metrodeal, I wanna know po sana if which Cut Farmers kayo nagpaayos ng hair. Is it yung sa UG or 2nd floor po? Also, how long did the treatment last po? Thaaaaanks!

    • 2nd floor po. i think isa lang naman ang cut salon sa farmers. depende sa condition ng hair un. sakin usually after 6-8 months ult ako nagpapa hair treatment.


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