SSS Death and Funeral Benefit: Requirements and Application

As much as we would like to not think about it, our mortality is like the Sword of Damocles, looming over us throughout our existence on this earth.

It is always a tragedy whenever a loved one dies, and that loss can be felt by family and friends of the recently deceased.

The least that can be done to prepare for the inevitable is to have funds set aside for funeral services and other things to somehow cushion the blow.

That is where SSS death and funeral services can come in to ease your burden when that time does come.

The good news is that death and funeral benefits are two separate things, so you can get payouts for both the passing of the individual in question, as well as for burying the recently deceased.

These benefits may be acquired through monthly pension or in a lump sum amount.

Who can claim the SSS death benefit

The benefit goes to primary beneficiaries of the deceased member, namely the legitimate dependent spouse (until he/she remarries), and dependent children—either legitimate, legitimated, legally adopted, or illegitimate, as long as they are not yet 21 years of age.

Age limitation may be ignored if a child is incapacitated and incapable of self-support due to physical or mental disability, either congenital or acquired during the age of minority.

  • If there are no primary beneficiaries, then the dependent parents are seen as secondary beneficiaries.
  • If they are not there either, anyone else designated by the member beforehand in his/her SSS records is considered the beneficiary.
  • If there is no one designated as beneficiary in the member’s record, then the benefit shall be given to whoever is the legal heir according to the Family Code of the Philippines.


Monthly Pension

Monthly pension may be paid for no less than 60 months, and the amount depends on how much the member had contributed, as well as credited years of service (CYS) and the number of dependent minor children (not exceeding 5). The amount of monthly pension given may either be:

The amount of monthly pension given may either be:

  • P300 + 20% of the average monthly salary credit (AMSC) + 2% of AMSC for each CYS past 10 years
  • P1000 for members with less than 10 CYS; P1,200 for at least 10 CYS; P2,400 for at least 20 CYS
  • 40% of AMSC

Whichever the member qualifies for and is the highest, that is the monthly pension the beneficiaries will get. That monthly pension is paid through the member’s designated bank, preferably nearest to his/her residence and is under the “SSS Pensioner’s Remittance thru Bank” program.

That monthly pension is paid through the member’s designated bank, preferably nearest to his/her residence and is under the “SSS Pensioner’s Remittance thru Bank” program.

The beneficiary is required to open a single savings account, then the account number and a photocopy of the passbook must be submitted upon filing of the application.

For beneficiaries without existing bank accounts, they will be given a Letter of Introduction (LOI) form that can be presented to an SSS-accredited bank to help with opening a single savings account.

Either way, once the claim has been approved, the SSS will then mail a notice-voucher to inform the beneficiary that the benefit can then be withdrawn from the bank.

Lum sum benefit

Lump sum benefit is available for beneficiaries of members who paid less than 36 monthly contributions.

Primary beneficiaries are entitled to the following amount, whichever is higher:

  • monthly pension × number of monthly contributions paid prior to semester of death
  • 12 × monthly pension

Meanwhile, secondary beneficiaries are entitled to the following amount, whichever is higher:

  • 36 × monthly pension (if member paid at least 36 monthly contributions)
  • monthly pension × number of monthly contributions
  • 12 × monthly pension (if member paid less than 36 monthly contributions)

The lump sum amount may be received through deposit in designated bank savings account.

13th Month Pension

Beneficiaries are also entitled to a 13th month pension that is payable every December, as well as a funeral grant for shouldering funeral expenses of the deceased member.

Read more about SSS Death and Funeral Benefit or visit the SSS website for more info.

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  1. Wilfredo R. Bal says

    I have just filed a death claim benefit in behalf of my mother, I have a deaf mute brother and I was required to submit a certificate of live birth & medical certificate for being a deaf mute. I was disappointed to learn afterwards that my brother has to be examined by a medical doctor from SSS office which I contested. It took me time to secure the medicare certificate from his attending physician yet I am still required by the SSS Office to bring my brother to seen by their doctor. I have written the SSS Office regarding the issue. All of us in the family is sick. I accompanied my mother during her submission of documents and we both with crutches and I still required to bring in my diabetic deaf mute brother to the office to complete the processing of my mother’s claim. Please help.

    • Wilfredo R. Bal says

      Thank you. I need a contact person and his contact number. I will appeal for reconsideration on the issue of their procedure. God bless!

  2. Hello,
    My bro. and I are legitimate children of our father. Mom and dad are seperated since we were age 5 and 6 and since then we have not seen our dad probably once every 3 years or 5 and the last time we saw him was 2003. On Aug. 2018 He died and we were notified by his siblings and we are tasked to take on the financial responsibility of his funeral and burial. We are both beyond 21 years of age and mom is not his dependent bec. they were long time seperated. His parents are also both deceased. who then shall the rightful benefiaciary to claim his death benefits?Thank you kindly,

  3. My lolo just died almost 3 months ago… my question is will his pension be stop or will it continue since my lola is still alive?

  4. my father died 25 years ago and we did not recieved a lump sum,it is possible that we can still apply for his lump sum in sss?

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