4 Ways to Deposit Money to BPI Account

Depositing money to a BPI Account can be done in different ways.

Whether you’re depositing money to your personal account or to another person or company’s account, this article is for you.

Option 1: BPI Branch Over-the-Counter

This is the most common and popular way of depositing money to a BPI account.

Although this is time-consuming because you have to personally go to the bank and line up, most clients still prefer this because it’s the safest and most secure way to send money to a BPI account.

Why? Because the bank officer/teller verifies the account name and account number of your recipient. This way you’re assured that you’re depositing the money to the correct account.

Getting a Queue Number

To deposit money at the bank, you need to get a Queue Number either through the computerized queuing system called BPI Express Assist at the banks or through BEA Online.

To save time and to spare yourself from waiting in long queues at the bank, I suggest you set an appointment and get your Queue Number via BEA Online.

Just log in to your BPI Express Online Account and click BEA Online. Then enter all the required information and print or take note of your e-Queue Number, which you need to present when you go to the bank.

What’s good about this is that your queue number will be flashed on the screen within 30 minutes of your appointment schedule.

Click here to watch the video tutorial for BPI Express Assist (BEA Online)

Option 2: BPI Express Deposit Machine

With BPI Express Machine, you don’t need to get a Queue Number. If the machine is available, you can go ahead and deposit the money to a BPI account immediately.

There are two ways to deposit money using the BPI Express Deposit Machine:

  • With ATM Card – Insert the ATM card in the machine and follow the next instructions to deposit money.
  • Without ATM Card – Enter the ATM Card Number (located at the front of the card) of the recipient.

If you’re depositing to another person’s account, you need to ask permission from the cardholder to get his ATM card number and the JAI to be able to deposit money using the machine.


Option 3: BPI Express Online

If you want to be able to access your BPI account and send money to another account (anytime and anywhere), you need to follow these steps:

  • Enroll and Activate your BPI Account in BPI Express Online Banking
  • Enroll and Activate Third Party Account in your BPI Express Online Account
  • Transfer Money to enrolled accounts

Watch these video tutorials for BPI Express Online.

Option 4: BPI Mobile Banking App

Once you enrolled in BPI Express Online, you can then download the BPI Mobile Banking app.

Just tap the app on your device to access your BPI account. It has many useful features including:

  • Transfer to enrolled accounts
  • Transfer money to anyone (including unenrolled accounts)

Our technology is constantly changing and online banking is no exception.

Let’s take advantage of these things not only because they’re fast and convenient for us but also because it’s the best thing to do. They make things easier for us and we can be more productive in many ways.

Be open to changes and don’t stick to the old ways of doing things including depositing money to a BPI account.

Try the express deposit machine, you’ll love it!

Maximize the use of your smartphone and internet connection. Try BPI Express Online.

You don’t always need to go to the bank to do your banking transactions. Explore other options like the ones I shared above.

I hope you found these tips helpful.

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