OFW’s Guide to Philhealth Membership and Benefits

PhilHealth or the National Health Insurance Program aims to provide health insurance coverage that is affordable and accessible to Filipino Citizens including Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Below are the types of OFWs who can be a member of Philhealth:

  • Land-based OFWs
  • Sea-based OFWs
  • Filipinos with Dual Citizenship

How to Register as PhilHealth Member

1. If you’re currently in the Philippines, you may visit the nearest PhilHealth Office.

2. If you’re currently overseas or outside the Philippines, you may register through any of the following options:

How much is your contribution to PhilHealth

For Land-based OFWs, the minimum current rate is P2,400.00 per year. You can pay in advance for 2 years to 5 years, or depending on the duration of your employment contract with your overseas employer.

For seafarers or Sea-based OFWs, the premium contribution rate is salary-based following the premium schedule for the Formal Economy. You may click here to see the premium contribution schedule.

Where to Pay your PhilHealth Premiums or Contributions

You may pay your premiums through any of the following options:

  • PhilHealth-accredited collecting agents and tie-ups abroad – click here to see the list.
  • Accredited collecting partners in the Philippines or through the PhilHealth Counter at the POEA, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City. – click here to see the list.

TIP: Make sure to pay your premiums whether you’re employed or currently waiting for employment. This is to ensure that you can avail of your benefits when you need it.


Why you should be a Member of PhilHealth (Advantages and Benefits)

None of us want to get sick or be hospitalized, but it’s better to be prepared when these uncertainties happen. Thanks to PhilHealth’s benefits that support us when we most need it.

For OFWs, you may avail of the benefits that Philhealth offer even if you’re confined in hospitals abroad.

And since your PhilHealth membership also covers your dependents in the Philippines, they may also avail of the same set of benefits here in the country even if you’re overseas.

Below are the benefits that PhilHealth offer to its members and members’ dependents:

  • Inpatient Benefits
  • Outpatient Benefits
  • Z Benefits
  • MDG-Related Benefits

Overseas Filipino Workers may also be entitled to Lifetime Membership with PhilHealth. If you have reached the retirement age and you have paid at least 120 months contribution, you are automatically entitled to PhilHealth Lifetime Membership.

What are the Conditions to Avail of these PhilHealth Benefits? 

  1. You can avail of the PhilHealth benefits within the validity period of the OFW’s coverage
  2. You can avail of the benefits as long as the 45-day annual benefit limit for hospital room and board allowance has not yet been consumed.
  3. You can avail of the benefits if the health care institution and health care professional are accredited, but this is only applicable for confinements in the Philippines.

How to File a Claim for Hospital Confinement Abroad

If you are an OFW and PhilHealth member and you are confined abroad, you must send the following documents via overseas courier or e-mail to the PhilHealth Regional Office or Local Health Insurance Office nearest the Overseas Filipino Worker’s Philippine address. It must be submitted within 180 calendar days from the date of discharge.

Here is the list of documents that you should submit:

1. Medical abstract or medical record or a copy of the Medical Certificate indicating the final diagnosis, confinement period and medical services rendered.

2. A copy of the operative/operating record (if an operation was performed).

3. Statement of account

4. Official Receipt (OR) issued by the hospital and doctor

These documents must be written in English. You must also submit a properly filled out PhilHealth Claim Form 1.

On the other hand, if you are an OFW member or if any of your dependents is confined in the Philippines, you must fill out the PhilHealth Claim Form 1 and submit it to the Billing Section of the accredited hospital before being discharged.

Click here for more info about PhilHealth Benefits for OFWs or contact PhilHealth Hotline (+632) 441-7442.

Click here to read: PhilHealth Benefits for Members.

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