P5,000 Medical Benefit for Senior Citizens in Quezon City

Good news to the Senior Citizens of Quezon City!

The Quezon City Council has passed City Ordinance 2598-2017 or also known as “Quezon City Emergency Medical Benefit Assistance for Senior Citizens” granting a P5,000 emergency medical assistance.

This P5,000 medical assistance is granted to Senior Citizens of Quezon City who are admitted in hospitals that are owned or operated by the Quezon City government.

The fund for the medical assistance that will be given to qualified Senior Citizens will be taken from the 1% budget allocation of the city government for the programs, projects, and activities for senior citizens in Quezon City. This ordinance was authored by Councilor Rogelio P. Juan.

What Hospitals are owned or operated by the Quezon City Government? 

  • Quezon City General Hospital
  • Novaliches District Hospital

What’s the Purpose of this Ordinance? 

This ordinance aims to provide financial relief to the senior citizens of Quezon City and to their families who are already burdened emotionally and economically of the medical condition of their elderly.

Aside from the free medical services and other privileges that all Senior Citizens in the Philippines are entitled to (through Republic Act No. 9994 or the “Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010”), this ordinance will help the qualified seniors especially those who need cash to buy immediate medicines, supplies or services during emergency cases.

Some patients, particularly senior citizens who don’t have money, still hesitate to go to the hospital fearing that they will be asked money for their admission or for their initial medicines.

With this new ordinance, the senior citizen or his or her family will be more willing to bring in their elderly for hospitalization because they have the P5,000 medical assistance from the city government.


How to Avail of the P5,000 Medical Benefit

Qualified Senior Citizens in Quezon City may avail of this benefit by presenting his or her Senior Citizen ID (issued by the Quezon City Office to the Senior Citizens Affairs) upon admission at a city-owned hospital.

The P5,000 Emergency Medical Benefit Assistance can be availed of by a qualified senior citizen patient per year.

  • This is regardless of the number of times of admission or the kind of assistance (whether in medicine or service) provided.
  • This medical benefit cannot be renewed in the same year in case the amount provided has been consumed.
  • The maximum amount of medical assistance to be given to the qualified senior citizen per year is P5,000 only.
  • The P5,000 medical benefit shall be solely and exclusively utilized by the concerned hospital for emergency or stat medicines of any kind; laboratory tests and pathological examinations; x-ray examinations (from head to toe); electrocardiogram (ECG); ultrasound; 2D echo, and; other general medical services.

If you are a Senior Citizen in Quezon or you know someone who is, please share this ordinance so that he or she can avail of the city government’s medical assistance in case the need arises.

This will be a great help to many of our senior citizens who need medical aid but have limited resources. (Source)

Other Cash Benefits for Senior Citizens in Quezon City

1. City Ordinance SP-2542, S-2016 – Increased Incentive of QC Centenarians

Quezon City centenarians will now be rewarded with a cash incentive of P100,000. This is on top of the incentive provided for by the national government which is also P100,000.

Therefore, If you’re a Senior Citizen of Quezon City and you reach the age of 100, you will receive a total incentive of P200,000.

To avail of this, the qualified Senior Citizen must present his or her birth certificate or Senior Citizen ID. For those who live abroad, they may present their Passport.

2. City Ordinance No. 2544 – Death Benefit Welfare Assistance Ordinance of 2016 

Under this ordinance, the legitimate beneficiaries of deceased senior citizens shall receive at least PHP 5,000 as death benefit welfare assistance.

To avail of this benefit, the qualified beneficiary must be able to present the following documents:

  • A Quezon City OSCA-issued Senior Citizen ID of the deceased
  • Certificate of residency issued by the barangays
  • A copy of the death certificate
  • Proof of relationship of the claimant, and
  • Other necessary documents

Only registered senior citizens of Quezon City whose relatives can prove sufficient requirements as stated above are allowed to receive the said benefits.

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