20% Discount in Restaurants for Single/Solo Parents in Quezon City

It is no joke to be a single or solo parent.

I personally salute all the single parents out there who do everything they can just to support and give the best for their children.

That’s why I was very happy when I heard that the Quezon City Council has approved on its second reading the proposed ordinance to grant:

  • 20% discount in restaurants and food establishments for single or solo parents in Quezon City

How does this work? 

The 20% discount can be availed by registered solo or single parents only.

This 20% discount will be made available every first Saturday of the month, from 12 noon to 6 p.m.

This 20% discount is applicable for single or accumulated receipts not exceeding P2,000.

This 20% discount is currently available in Quezon City and is set to be implemented by the Quezon City Social Services Development Department (SSDD).

Restaurants and establishments shall then be allowed to claim the discounts as deductions on the payment of their annual business tax, which amounts to 1.75% of gross receipts in the preceding calendar year.


This 20% Discount is a Huge Help to Single Parents 

Even if this is only applicable every first Saturday of the month or once a month, I know this is still a huge help to single parents and their children.

Imagine, if you’re a solo parent and you usually spend Php 200 for your Saturday lunch meal with your child, and you get a discount of Php 40, who would say no to that.

Other Benefits for Solo Parents in Quezon City

This 20% discount in restaurants for solo parents in Quezon City is just one of the many benefits that Quezon City provides. Other benefits include:

  • educational assistance for the children of solo parents
  • medical assistance
  • livelihood assistance

According to Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte,

“We hope to help indigent solo parents who are doing everything to stay strong and stand alone to have quality time with their kids with this simple assistance.”

This ordinance has been submitted and will be made available in Quezon City, but I hope it will also be implemented in other cities and provinces.

This is also pursuant to Republic Act 8972 or the Solo Parents Welfare Act, which mandates government agencies to offer discounts and benefits to solo parents suffering economic difficulties. (Source)


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