5 Tips to Increase your Chances of Winning the Lotto

Winning the millions that lottery offers as a grand prize is like searching for phasmids (insects) in the middle of the woods when you know they exist but it is truly hard to catch one of them.

Lottery multi-million grand prize really exists but the search for number combinations are as hard as searching for phasmids to guess.

However, certain strategies may be used that works well in bringing you closer to possibilities of winning.

Playing the lotto comes with a small chance of winning really big amount, so, to simply increase that small possibility of winning, you may want to:

1. Purchase more than one ticket.

This way you may have the chance of choosing different number combinations of more than one set which means more entry for winning.

However, this doesn’t mean investing too much in the game to the point of having lottery fever where allotments for family or personal needs and obligations will be spent for the wish of winning even at the lowest possibility.

To play with more entries even at tight budget, players may engage in

2. Lottery syndicate or lottery pool.

This strategic involvement somewhat increases the chance of winning by pooling your money with some other players who have the same interest with you.

This means more tickets and more number combination and that what matters in this although this may also mean lesser amount of payout to win. Playing like this, number combinations

3. Go beyond birthdates and anniversaries.

Consistently choosing numbers of this limit relegates yourself from other numbers of higher count. Not just that it decreases the probability of winning but also lessening the winning amount whenever luck strikes your ticket and win the grand prize for that is what most players do.

The tendency would be winners of the jackpot may possibly fall to more than one winner which means dividing the total jackpot prize to the number of winners.


By the way, playing the lotto seems to hide away the possibility of winning when you play on and off. Playing the game and taking its risk must be

4. Played consistently.  

Wanting to finally get the luck of being a multimillionaire invests in the game by playing consistently and never give the chance of slipping out from any draw.

Any time and any draw from any day may pick your number combination that nobody can predict so it is of importance to buy ticket and input your number combination all the time of chance and remember to always

5. Check and double check your ticket(s)

from purchasing up to its scheduled draw so you won’t miss the fortune that possibly around to land on your hand.

There once happened that a woman was about to win the jackpot prize at stake, but unfortunately, she got the wrong ticket for her number combinations and nothing more she can do but to regret for her stupidity and learned her lesson for the future possibilities.

Lotto betting is not just about buying and waiting for the draw but certain strategies are necessary to increase your chances of winning the lotto.

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