9 Ways to Find your SSS Number

As a member of the Philippine Social Security System, your SS Number is really important when processing different transactions such as paying your contributions, applying for SSS loan, or even if you just want to inquire about SSS programs and benefits.

But what happens if you lost your SSS number? Where can you possibly find it?

In this article, I’ll share with you 9 ways to find your SSS number. Here they are…

1. Check your SSS E1 Form

When you registered as a member of the SSS, you filled out the SSS E1 Form, which bears your SSS number. Remember, you can only have one SSS number for your entire lifetime. You can’t apply for a new one if you lost it. So, if you still have your SSS E1 Form, check it out and there you’ll find your Social Security Number.

2. Check your SSS ID or UMID

If you already have an SSS ID or the new UMID, you can also find your SSS number there.

3. Check your Company ID

Some companies include the SSS ID Number, Pag-Ibig Number, and Tax Identification Number at the back of the Company ID. If you’re employed, check yours to find out if your SSS number is there.

4. Ask your HR Personnel or Admin Officer

If you’re employed, you may inquire your HR Personnel for your SSS number. They keep a database of their employees’ personal information including your SSS number.

5. Check your Business Papers or Documents

If you’re self-employed or you have your own business, check your business papers or receipts. You might be able to find your SSS number somewhere in your files.

6. Check your My.SSS Online Account 

If you have previously registered to the SSS online portal, just login using your username and password. Once you’re successfully logged in, you should be able to find your SSS number in your online account.


7. Check your Notebook or Notepad 

Some people save their personal info on their personal notebook or on the notepad in their mobile phone. You may also want to check your notes to find out if you have written down your SSS number there.

8. Contact SSS Hotline or the Official SSS FB Page 

To contact SSS, dial 920-6446 to 55 or send a private message or post a comment at the official SSS Facebook Page. Just inform them that you lost your SSS ID and they might ask you for your personal information to verify your identity and SSS membership.

You may also contact the SSS by sending an email to member_relations@sss.gov.ph.

9. Go to the nearest SSS Office 

If you have time, visit the nearest SSS office to inquire about your SSS number. Go to the Information Personnel so they can assist you with your concern. Make sure to bring valid IDs or other supporting documents so that they can assist you easily.

What to do once you found your SSS number? 

Of course, you keep it. Take note of it and keep it in a folder or envelope with all your other important IDs and documents. It’s easy to locate your stuff if they’re organized in a folder.

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