Jaycee Co Cookware Set, Is this a Scam?

I went to the Lamudi Housing Fair at Glorietta 3 last Saturday, July 15, 2017 with my family and my siblings hoping to find a good deal on a real estate property.

There were some talks at the event and many brands were present.

Jaycee Co was one of the sponsors who had a booth at the event.

I was listening to the talk of Lamudi’s Managing Director in the Philippines, Bhavna Suresh, when this guy from Jaycee Co, approached me and handed me this small, green tumbler.

Free Tumbler

I asked him a few times if he was giving me the tumbler for free and he said yes so I accepted it. Then, he led me to their booth which was right behind where I was standing and he let me sign on their registration form with my name and contact number.

Free Steamer

I thought that was it, but all of a sudden, he asked if I’m from Quezon City and when I said yes, he shouted to say, Congratulations! You’re one of the 10 selected people in this event who will take home this steamer for FREE!”

I was shocked! I thought, “Oh, how lucky I am!”

He then asked for my ID to verify if I was really from Quezon City. After that, he called someone on his mobile phone, telling that person on the other line that I was selected and I’m the fifth person who qualified to take home the FREE Steamer from Jaycee Co.

Are you from Quezon City?

He handed me his mobile phone and the person on the other line asked me if I was really from Quezon City and I said yes, so he also said congratulations to me.

After that brief conversation on the phone, I kept asking the sales guy if he was trying to sell me something and he said no. I  asked him if it was really true that I will take home the “FREE” steamer without paying or purchasing anything, and he confirmed and said, “You’ll have it for free and all you have to do is LIKE our FB Page.

induction cooker scam

My husband came to me and whispered, “Beware, I think they’re trying to scam you.” I answered, “Don’t worry, I won’t buy anything from them and I won’t let them scam me.”

I got even excited to show my husband the FREE Steamer that they gave me. He looked skeptical, but I just ignored him.

Cookware Set worth P89,000

The sales guy started to tell me something about their products, the induction cooker worth P70,000+ and the cookware set worth P89,000.

I said those were good products, but I wasn’t interested in purchasing any of those products at the moment, plus they were extremely expensive or overpriced.

His colleagues, two ladies, came to me and shouted, “Congratulations, Ma’am, isa po kayo sa napili na mabigyan ng sponsored products.”

Do you have SM Advantage Card?

They had me seated on a stool, while they were trying to explain to me everything. First, they asked for my ID to prove that I was from QC. Then, they asked for my SM Advantage Card which I gladly showed them.

Do you have a Credit Card?

When they asked if I also have a credit card, that’s when I suspected that something wasn’t going right. But I kept my cool and I managed to answer their other questions.

They asked if it’s VISA or Mastercard. I said I have both, but I use MasterCard most of the time.

They asked me to show them my credit card and I got hesitant, but just to prove to them that I really have a credit card, I took it out from my wallet and showed it to them.

When they asked me to turn my credit card upside down, that’s when I refused.

Then this sales guy told me that they just needed to see the logo at the back of my credit card.

But there was no logo at the back!

I felt something wasn’t really right, but again I turned the card upside down and I immediately covered the numbers at the back where the CVV is located.

They asked me to remove my hand and that’s when I said, Iba na ‘to, niloloko nyo ba ako? This is my credit card with my private information on it and I should not be showing you all of these.”

That’s when they all stopped…

The sales guy then grabbed a calculator and tried to compute for the discount that I will get if I purchase the cookware set.

And so now he was trying to sell me their products after telling me that they’re giving me the damn FREE Steamer without me purchasing anything from them.

The Free Steamer was a Big Lie!

When I said I wasn’t interested in purchasing their products and I will just take home the FREE Steamer, he said, “Sorry, Ma’am, you can’t take it home if you don’t purchase the cookware set.”

Boom! There you go!

Now I’m back to my senses and clearly, they tried to make a fool of me!

Shame on you, Jaycee Co!

Is this how you do business? Is this how you train your sales people? Is this how you convince your clients and customers to purchase your products?

Why can’t you just be honest and do business with integrity?

There may be nothing wrong with your products, but there’s certainly something wrong with your marketing strategy.

I was embarrassed in front of my family for nearly being “scammed” if I may call it. I was so excited to tell them that I was lucky to have been selected to take home the FREE Steamer, but it turned out to be a lie.

Why would they ask me to show them the front and back of my credit card? What if I didn’t cover the numbers at the back of my credit card? What if I easily gave in to their dirty tactics?

When I asked the sales guy his name and if we could have a photo together, he immediately said, “No”, and he walked away. Why wouldn’t he even let me know his name if he’s not guilty of doing something “fishy”?

But I managed to take a photo of their booth with the sales guy and the other 2 ladies in red.

induction cooker

So, is Jaycee Co a scam? You judge…

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  1. Nilo del mundo says

    i had the same experience kahapon lang sa SMX

  2. Irma Caraig says

    We have the same experienced also at the world trade yesterday. They will try to convince you to get their products telling they will give it for free then they’re strategy begins.

  3. Hi, my mother was scammed last April 2019 in home depot. The sales agent swiped her card amounting to 89,000 pesos. Now the bank is requesting for a lot of documents just to file for the cancellation. 🙁 beware!

    • Oh, sad to hear that… Have you tried talking to the agent or to the company? What did they say?

      • Aileen maristela says

        Happened yesterday at World Trade Center… kakapal ng mga pagmumukha! They asked my mother in law if they could check her credit card tapos sinwipe nila agad at pinapindot yung pin… kaya pala di nila kami pinapalapit sa lamesa nung kinakausap nila yung mother in law ko pati yung anak ko di makalapit sa lola nya… dapat dyan masampolan mga simpleng holdapper

  4. I had the same experience with this company and they charged my credit card 20K and until now, the bank is still adamant in backcharging the amount…in spite of all my communications and submitting all the necessary documents.

  5. Yep, had a run-in with them this morning. I was pretty thrilled to be able to get expensive, nice-looking kitchen appliances for over 50 percent off for my new home.

    Alas, a scam is a scam. Time to cut my losses and move on. Maybe I could use the air fryer for a few more times at least, and then replace the appliances with legit ones as they inevitably break down.

  6. I also had the same experience yesterday at Robinsons Place Manila. Unfortunately, my Metrobank card was charged for 44k yesterday. I fell for their marketing strategy. They offered me 50% off the price for the 15pcs cookware with freebies : Air purifier, Hiro cold and body massage. We also returned the product yesterday because my husband think that it was overpriced. He also checked some posts which sells similar product at a lower price (including the freebies) and think that they also bought in Jaycee Co. Something was off, then we decided to return the items and requested for cancellation. I told them that we will cancel the transaction because we checked that website and found out that we can buy the cookware around 15-20k and it is exactly the same model offered to us. They offer me the steamer so I wont cancel the transaction. I was advised that it is the company’s promo and they only doing it once a year and in return, I will refer them and endorse their product. I hope that they are not scammers. I just dont like the idea that they provide misleading information just to make a sale. They also have an FB page where they posts all the clients who purchased their product. My mistake is that I’ve easily fell for the freebies offered to me. I was advised that they will process the cancellation and usually takes a month. Hope this information helps.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. We appreciate it. Yes, I hope they process the cancellation of your purchase very soon.

    • Hi any update on the cancellation?
      My mom also fell for their marketing strategy and her card was charged for 89,800.

  7. Aileen maristela says

    Happened yesterday at World Trade Center… kakapal ng mga pagmumukha! They asked my mother in law if they could check her credit card tapos sinwipe nila agad at pinapindot yung pin… kaya pala di nila kami pinapalapit sa lamesa nung kinakausap nila yung mother in law ko pati yung anak ko di makalapit sa lola nya… dapat dyan masampolan mga simpleng holdapper

  8. Rovelynne Joy Chica says

    It also happened here at Robinsons Mall Naga City. But they failed to do so. They even attempted to remove the cover we put in our credit card’s CVV.

  9. Hello therejust want to share with you that the company already gave back the credit in my credit card. Hope that they could also help you process the cancellation. It really takes 2mos.

  10. AICYTHEL C LAO says

    Hi. The product that we both for 50% discount (now 45k) wasn’t delivered yet for more than a year. Do you have their contact details?

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