How to Get Birth, Marriage, Death Certificate and CENOMAR Online

Are you applying for a job and you need a copy of your birth certificate? Or are you a newly-married couple and you need to get a copy of your marriage certificate for the processing of other documents? Or maybe you and your fiancee are getting married soon and you need a CENOMAR to confirm if you’re both single or has not been married yet? Or maybe you need to get a death certificate of a loved one who already passed?

Whatever your reason may be, getting any of these certificates can easily be done online. You don’t have to go the PSA or NSO office to request these certificates. This is perfect if you don’t have the time to go there or you’re busy with other priorities.

The PSA or Philippine Statistics Authority is formerly known as NSO or National Statistics Office. The e-Census website ( on the other hand, is PSA’s online facility where you can request certificates.

What Certificates can you request from the National Statistics Office?

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR)

How to Request for Birth, Marriage, Death Certificate or CENOMAR online?

1. Fill out online application form

2. Pay through accredited payment channels

3. Wait for delivery

How much should you pay if you request online? 

  • Php 315.00 per copy for birth, marriage, or death certificate
  • Php 415.00 per copy for CENOMAR

Where to Pay for the Certificate Request? (Payment Options)

a. Bayad Center

You can now pay your certificate requests through selected Bayad Center branches. The option to pay through Bayad Center has only started on July 5, 2017.

b. Banco de Oro (BDO)

  • BDO branches
  • BDO Online Banking (BDO account holders only)
  • BDO ATM (BDO account holders only)

c. Unionbank 

  • Unionbank branches
  • Unionbank Online Banking (Unionbank account holders only)
  • Unionbank ATM (Unionbank account holders only)

d. Credit Card 

Due to some technical problems, payment of certificate requests via credit card is temporarily unavailable as of August 10, 2017. We will update this page once this payment option is back.


What if I’m currently abroad or outside the Philippines?

e-Census can deliver your request either through PhilPost delivery or through Special Courier Service (FedEx) which could be more expensive but faster than PhilPost.

If you need the certificate ASAP, you may have it delivered through FedEx. FedEx is the special courier service for e-Census for delivery addresses outside the Philippines. Delivery charges with FedEx will be billed through your account, therefore, you have to create your own account with FedEx.

Remember, the you have to request your desired certificate online. Then, you have to email the following info to

  • Paid e-Census Batch Request Number
  • Active FedEx account name and account number (to which shipment cost of your document will be charged)
  • Delivery type (Priority Delivery or Economy Delivery)
  • Complete consignee’s name and delivery address (this must be the same as the Requester’s/Document Owner’s name)

Important Reminders:

The FedEx account name and account number must match the requester’s/document owner’s own account. Otherwise, e-Census will not be able to book the shipment.

Also, e-Census will not be liable for misdelivery and/or loss of documents. You need to contact FedEx directly should you encounter any issue regarding the delivery of your certificate.

How long does it take to deliver the Certificate?

  • For Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Metro Davao delivery addresses, it takes 3-5 working days after you paid your request
  • For other cities and provinces within the Philippines, it takes 4-9 working days after you paid your request
  • For other countries, it takes 6-8 weeks after you paid your request via PhilPost. If you want faster delivery or around 5-8 working days after payment, you may avail of the special courier services by sending an email to

Take note that it may also take longer (add 10-15 working days) if your request will require manual search and retrieval from the NSO microfilm and paper archives.

How to Check the Status of your Request

  1. Go to the e-Census website, then enter the Batch Request Number or Request Reference Number of your request.
  2. If the delivery or shipment of your request was booked with FedEx, you may track it by entering your FedEx Tracking Number at the FedEx website.

Click here for more info about e-Census online services.

How to Get these Certificates at the PSA (Offline)? 

If you don’t want to request for a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate or CENOMAR online, you can also do it at the PSA (Philippine Statistics Office). It’s cheaper but you have to personally go there and wait in line for a few minutes to even hours depending on the number of people who are also lining up to get these documents.

Here’s what you should do at the PSA Office:

  1. Get an application form and fill it out will all the required information.
  2. Go to the Screener’s Desk and submit your application form. They will screen or check the info and if everything is okay, they will direct you to the next step.
  3. Proceed to the Cashier and pay the certificate that you’re requesting. The payment is P140 for Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificate while it’s P195 for CENOMAR. An OR or Official Receipt will be given to you with the release date of your certificate. Keep this OR because you will have to present this when claiming your certificate.
  4. If for some reason your request is not yet available for release, you may need to present a request for processing which includes encoding, printing, sorting and releasing of the documents which may vary depending on the following cases:
    • Converted documents can be released on the same day.
      • CONVERTED documents refer to the birth, marriage and death certificates that are already in digital format and are now stored in the image database. These are searched and retrieved electronically during the processing of requests. (Source: PSA)
    • Unconverted and annotated documents means they do not have the record yet on their database and you may need to wait for 10 days for your requested document to be released.
      • UNCONVERTED documents refer to the birth, marriage and death certificates that are not yet in digital format. Requested documents that belong to this category are searched manually from microfilm rolls or paper archives. Thus, processing of UNCONVERTED documents takes longer than CONVERTED documents. (Source: PSA)
    • For the CENOMAR, you may need to wait for 4 working days for your document to be released.

To get the certificate you will need to bring valid IDs. If you’re getting the document as a representative, you will need to bring your valid IDs and an authorization from the document owner.

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    If I will get the birth certificate of my husband working in abroad Do I need authorization from him or I will bring the xerox copy of his NSO birth certificate?

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