4 Reasons Why Filipinos Love Games of Chance (Lottery)

Games of chances are widespread in the Philippines. It is a business ranging from small to a larger scale. Many satellites are built for the convenience of the players.

One on the top played by the Filipinos is the lottery, a government initiative to raise proceeds, where they invest for less by which rich and poor lotto addicted alike can afford to invest day by day with the same desire for the luck of being a multimillionaire.

Filipinos engage in lottery game for some reasons like:

1. Chance of winning is fast in the cheapest way

Spending for the ticket today with just ₱20 lays up the chances of winning millions in an instant straight after the draw every day.

With the wishful being of humanity, Filipinos do wish and hope to obtain such big amounts thinking it as the best way out to solve problems especially in connection to financial aspects.

Filipinos on the lower level engage in lottery optimistically believing that winning is the simplest and fastest way out from poverty, to provide and sustain for their needs and comply the wants in their fantasies.

However, the rich may grab the chance for higher financial needs or plainly just gamble for luck.

If given – they are fortunate but if not, chances still counts to a million.

2. “The Near Miss Effect”

Considering such chances, it paves the way in for having the so called, “the near miss effect”, where everything just started as giving it a try and some more tries but the moment their number combinations are so close to the winning combination, it gives them the urge of investing a lot more with an expectation that their combinations are getting too close and next in line for winning the jackpot.


3. Belief that one day, luck will rest in their favor

Some would even interpret the “near miss effect” as a God sent sign. They believe that one day, luck will rest in their favor – in God’s perfect time.

Some continue to pursue gambling with their faith and trust of winning the jackpot prize when God listens and grants their prayer of winning although some view this as ironic for gambling has never been a Godly act to do yet many are still who include and ask for their luck to their prayers and continue to venture in the world of lottery.

4. It already becomes a habit

Out of the try and a lot more of tries, some players are not even actually so eager anymore to win although they still have that in mind that playing may mean winning and one day they’ll win the jackpot prize.

It is just that, buying the ticket and inputting their combination has eventually just become a habit and part of their daily routine. Even checking the posted results of winning combinations whether they got it or not.

To whatever these Filipino lottery players are believing and standing firm on to, it is still the luck of getting the chance to winning that they are perceiving and the goodness in life it may bring once acquired why  Filipinos love games of chances.

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