6 Business Ideas and Earning Opportunities for Filipinos

Filipinos who earn just about enough would like to find another stream of income that will supplement their cash flow.

Going into a business venture is a good way to help with this need. The only problem is choosing which business you would like to go into.

If you are struggling to find a profitable business idea with a small or even with zero capital, we list here some business ventures for you to consider undertaking.

Some will even try your basic set of skills or talents should you have them. This list is not exhaustive, but we would like to present some well-known ideas. So, we list down six here, in no particular order:


With a good number of people going here and there, there is a good chance that they will look for a convenient place where they can find a way to satisfy their hunger pangs. You can then start with investing on food carts.

Food carts offer fast food in a convenient manner. All you need to do is find a particular product you think would sell like pancakes – or dumplings, whatever – and place it in a conspicuous spot where you think have a heavy traffic of people.

There are plenty of food cart ideas on the internet, and you might be surprised how little amount of money you can cash out for them.



If you have gained quite a good sum of money in the bank, and have access to a good spot in your community, setting up a grocery is a good way to do business. Set up your store, find a good supplier, and pretty soon you will have customers going in and out of your store.

Set up your store, find a good supplier, and pretty soon you will have customers going in and out of your store.

Perhaps the only downside of starting a small grocery business is completing all the required paper works, and finding a good supplier. Others would entail you to have a good site to set up your store.

Additionally, you might find the need for security, but this would go when you have already placed your store and see it growing.



Filipinos will spend time surfing the internet, and they are willing to spend on this.

There is a lucrative way to get into this lifestyle, by setting up internet machines even right in a vacant space of your own house.

There are coin-operated kiosks called Piso-net where people would just pump in coins for a particular time allotment for Internet and computer use. Setting up a couple will make you have a small internet rental shop.

Setting up a couple will make you have a small internet rental shop. These machines are scaled-down versions of Internet rental shops.

Should you have more capital to allot, you can rent a space and set up seats and computers.

You will have a ready market of people who would like to surf the internet, up to gamers who would be renting for a good amount of time.

Additionally, you have a means to offer further services, like printing, up to even mobile phone prepaid load.



Some people would like to have a presence in the virtual web world, and they start putting up blog sites. But they would find sooner that they can fall shorthanded of content.

You can enter into content writing and fill out this content gap for bloggers.

You can find places where you can do content writing on the internet. From there, you can look for people who would like to have someone write on a particular topic.

Find what topics do they need, and start working on them.

Soon, you will be having different clients with different topic needs, so you need to brush up on stock knowledge which will be essential in this course.


If you are a tech-savvy person with a good amount of web developing knowledge, then you can put it to good use by going into website development.

You may find yourself in a good position to talk to a ready sea of clients wishing to have a good web presence.

Here, you need to learn about each company you want to design for – what are their particular design needs, their color preference, what their site should contain and convey, etc?

Experience and training may be needed for this, but there are many courses that exist, many of which are offered online, where you can learn website creation, and know about the details it entails, like how to make webpage themes, set up shopping cart systems and security concerns, among others.

Furthermore, there are ready tools on some hosting site like Godaddy, Bluehost, and WordPress, to get you going.

You are in control of how much you can charge for your services.


Some people might already have a degree of mastery with an art subject. This may be in music, visual arts, painting, or even doing simple crafts.

Teaching others to learn art can be a lucrative thing to do, provided you look for clients who would want to learn them.

There are a plethora of arts that you can think of. For example, you can go into tutorials and lessons if you have knowledge in music, and have mastery in even one musical instrument.

You can even do the same with just about any craft, like photography, or painting, up to even hand crafts.


Just put up an ad for your service, and find clients who wish to know and learn more about a particular art skill.

Alternately, you can put up your products should you have them for sale, or offer extended services. You can put up an ad for portraiture and paintings, or set up a corner store for your craft products.

Pretty soon you might hit it right and see people line up for your services.

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